Groovy Mums linky – it’s all about you!

Welcome to the Groovy Mums linky.

Be warned – this linky is one that can seriously transform your life!

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

Have you got lost as an individual somewhere in the mix of motherhood and other life labels?

Do you feel there must be a little more for you?

Have you given up on your dreams?

Do you crave just a little time for yourself?

Do you look in the mirror and an inner voice starts criticising how you look?

Would you just like a little support as you take on new things?


Kate on thin ice

Who can join in with Groovy Mums?

You are welcome to join in with Groovy Mums if you are a mum who would like to make changes in your life or is actually doing so. Consider it a peer support network which is just fancy speak for women having each other’s backs a bit. You can link up every week or once in a while. You could just read and take some encouragement along the way. All of these things are groovy and if you hate that word, it is just a word so get over it!

What are the benefits to me of linking up?

I will promote all posts linked up on Twitter as a minimum and possibly other social media networks too. I will read all posts and leave a comment. I will feature one post in the following week’s post.

You can post on any day of the week but the linky opens on Wednesdays.

Are there any rules?

Look after yourself and have fun with Groovy Mums. If your post is about you putting yourself first or indulging in things you enjoy or taking baby steps to shake things up a bit, you are welcome to get groovy with us. You are an individual so it might involve hobbies, work, time with friends, volunteering, learning,  date nights or whatever floats your particular boat.

Please comment on my post and include a link back or ideally the Groovy Mums badge should be displayed which you will find in my sidebar top left. Please use the coding if you know how so that people might come along and see what  Groovy Mums is all about.

Please try your best to visit and comment on one or more of the other posts linked up. We are all busy but you can make a real difference and feel good about yourself too if you support others along the way.

I will not be around with a big stick if you break the rules.

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