Happy stuff

I have not blogged for longer than usual. I have had an odd time really with various events shaking me up a bit. Anyway, I am sharing some of my happy stuff from last week.

1. I asked my OH to clear out the shed. He agreed and then checked the bank account and we changed our plans. We have had a windfall so we went out to play instead.

2. We have a new and reliable car. Not only that but it is a Jaguar. Silver with leather seats and funky gadgets to boot. I have always dreamed of having a Jag and how generous of Him Indoors to give up his dream of a Mercedes so I could fulfil my dream. The children ask questions like whether it is actually a courtesy car and will it need to go back? Him Indoors is walking taller and that is nice to see after the troubles of the last couple of years. I can sense he feels he is providing for us and that makes him feel better altogether.

3. Of course, you can take the girl out of the charity shop but you can’t take the bargain-hunter out of the girl. I have had a lot of fun in charity shops and on Ebay recently. Funnily enough, after a few days of spending more than I am used to, I am a bit bored of it. I am recognising it is the very small things that can make a difference. I have also enjoyed ensuring the children have what they need in terms of ICT and so on. It feels nice to say yes to them more often.

4. I asked two people I have worked with how they would describe my input and received glowing references. I now accept that considering the calibre of people who way lovely things about me, I must be OK. This has been a long journey but I am happy in my own skin. In fact, I quite like myself.

5. I am no longer embarrassed to share photos of myself and my weight loss journey. I get wonderful emails and messages telling me I am inspiring other people. So I keep going flashing the flesh and hoping that by Christmas I will have a photo that is really worth sharing with the world.

Lots has changed and in a very short space of time. I am reminded that there is such a thing as positive stress as well as negative stress. I need to feel a little more grounded. Blogging will help with that as it does with so many things

3 thoughts on “Happy stuff”

  1. Lovely read Kate.
    It’s so nice to hear how you’re all moving forwards.
    I will have to look out for the photos, bet you’re looking fab.

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