Happy thoughts

There is lots to smile about this week. I am positively full of happy thoughts.


1. After a disappointing Mothering Sunday, the family went into overdrive to make it up to me so there were flowers, cards, treats and new clothes.

2. I can now see a real difference on the weight loss front and so can other people. I am on track to look reasonable by the end of June and positively wonderful by December.

3. My son has tidied his room even under the bed!

4. My daughter says she is happy because she is full of random awesomeness!

5. Him Indoors has had a pay rise – the only one in his team to do so.

6. I have tried assertiveness with good effect.

7. I have new and very funky purple microwave.

8. We had such giggles as we all tried to stand in our odd socks in a box to mark World Downs Syndrome Day.

9. I had a charity shop raid coming out with good books and a very “mutton dressed as lamb” biker jacket with stud detailing.

10. Home education seemed to turn another positive corner with my son enjoying a literacy exercise.

11. There was an Eclipse and the world has not ended which is great because I am starting to love this life business.

What are your happy thoughts today?

2 thoughts on “Happy thoughts”

  1. Loving all the happy thoughts and the layout of the blog so colourful! Well done hubby! That’s great you and your daughter are feeling pretty awesome!

  2. Love your reasons this week, it’s so wonderful to see this level of positivity. I am also very glad that they made up for mothers day, you are definitely worth it x

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