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Trips with the girls are good for you

While many of us might be content with eating a little more responsibly and cutting down on our alcohol intake when we’re on a health kick, there is one important thing that we often neglect – friendships can be just as vital to our health as our eating and drinking habits. Indeed, positive social connections have been proven to not only increase life expectancy but can even help us to tolerate greater levels of pain and ward off dementia! Trips with the girls are proven to be good for you!

The more time we spend with people whose company we genuinely enjoy, the greater levels of oxytocin are released into our bodies. This is the stuff that makes us feel good and can also influence long-term health in a manner that’s just as positive as good sleep and maintaining a healthy diet. One study, even revealed that a lack of social connections increases the risk of premature death by top to 50% so if you’re not spending enough time with your gal pals, it could actually be hastening your demise!

What better excuse then, to cast off the shackles of your everyday existence and plan a holiday with the girls? Below, we’ll put the spotlight on just a few potential destinations.

Spa day – A classic girls trip option and with good reason, a spa day (or entire weekend) spent relaxing and indulging with your closest friends is a surefire way to recharge those batteries. Wherever you are located in the UK, there are hundreds of spas suitable for all budgets, but for a truly decadent experience, get yourselves down to Bath, where they really know a thing or two about spa days!

Wine time – There can be few things as therapeutic as a catch-up with the girls over a few tall glasses of the good stuff. So, why not make a day of it? Book a trip to the London Winter Festival, which pops its cork on November 16th in the centre of London. Kensington serviced apartments are some of the most elegant in the city and could form a great base of operations for your visit too.

Nature walk – Whilst relaxing is all well and good, why not double down on your health kick and invite your friends out on a good hike? The UK is wealthy with incredible trails full of spectacular scenery, with Snowden in Wales in particular, offering perhaps some of the most iconic walks and views in Europe.

Girls night in – Finally, perhaps the easiest girls trip to arrange is a girls night in, especially if you all have younger kids that can’t be left alone for a night and you can’t decide on a designated babysitter.

Do you enjoy trips with the girls and when did you last have one?




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