Here’s How to Find Leggings That Fit You Perfectly

Leggings have proven themselves to be more than a passing trend, making their way into many modern women’s wardrobes. Because of their practicality and versatility, it seems that they are truly here to stay.

If you’re thinking of trying out leggings, looking for a pair that fits you properly can be quite a complicated affair. After all, the clothes that you wear should not only be comfortable but also look flattering on you.

So before you head to the store to buy new leggings, you need to have an idea of what sizes would fit you perfectly. If this is all new to you, fret not! Here are a few tips that can help you find the perfect pair of leggings that will make you look and feel like the best version of yourself:

Refer to Your Jeans for Reference

When it comes to finding the right leggings size for you, you’ll want to start by taking a look at your current jeans size. While leggings cannot always replace pants and shouldn’t be treated as such, you can still gauge what size will work for you based on your existing selection of pants. Pay attention to the waist size, hip width, and length of your jeans, in particular. Chances are, those numbers will be quite close to the measurements of a pair of leggings that would properly fit you.

However, keep in mind that leggings and jeans are structurally different. Not even skinny jeans will cling to your legs as leggings would. The material of most leggings allows them to stick to the contours of your body like a second skin, so you shouldn’t buy a pair with any seam allowance.

Watch Out for Signs of an Ill-fitting Pair

As a rule of thumb, leggings are never supposed to pull or pinch no matter what you’re doing. When trying on a pair in the dressing room, focus on the way that the leggings look and feel when you have them on. Bend, squat, and sit down to see how the fabric stretches with your movements. If you can see your skin showing through the fabric (assuming that the leggings are meant to be opaque), this means that the leggings are too small for you.

Another way to tell if a particular pair is ill-fitting is to observe how the crotch area looks while you have the leggings on. If you find that there is excess material that you can pinch in that particular area, this means that the leggings are too big for you. Meanwhile, a camel toe means that the fabric is overstretched and can cause discomfort as a result. If that’s the case, you’ll need to go a size up.

Take Your Measurements Properly

If you want to find the perfect pair of leggings, then you must take your exact measurements. Without them, you won’t have any references to use when consulting a brand’s size charts. While you can get someone to help you out, you can also measure yourself on your own if you know what you’re doing.

To do the latter, get some measuring tape and wrap it snugly above or along your belly button. This will be your waist size. Then, wrap the tape around your buttocks and just below your hip bones to get your hip size. Lastly, take the tape and measure the length between the end of your crotch area to the bottom of your ankle bone to get your inseam measurements.

While measuring yourself, it is important to wrap the tape as close to your body as possible. This way, you can get more accurate numbers and avoid buying leggings that are too loose or too tight.

Consider Leggings Made of Four-way Stretch Fabric

Generally speaking, two types of stretch fabric are mainly used for creating leggings. The first type is two-way stretch fabric, which is only able to stretch in one direction. The second type is called four-way stretch fabric, which, as its name implies, can stretch lengthwise and crosswise.

As such, the latter type of fabric is much stretchier and allows for a greater range of movement. Additionally, leggings made with four-way stretch fabric seamlessly mold themselves to the shape of your legs, hips, waist, and butt. You can confidently wear these leggings by themselves without having to deal with awkward camel toes and other issues that you may otherwise encounter with two-way stretch fabric. So if you’re shopping for leggings, definitely look for something made of four-way stretch fabric to ensure superior comfort and a better fit.


In addition to making sure that you find a pair that fits, choose leggings that come in a length that works for you. If you’re looking for bottoms that you can use while working out, for example, go for cropped leggings so that the bottom hems won’t get in the way.

Overall, finding leggings that are a perfect fit can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you are new to wearing them. But with the tips mentioned above, you’re sure to buy new pairs that will look and feel amazing.

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