Highlights of my week

I am little late sharing my highlights of my week but I seem to have managed to carve out a little time to do so.

I am delighted that my soon to be 18 year old wants to spend his 18th with me. He does not want expensive things but does want me to make him a cake and to go out for a meal with him. How such a chaotic mum has managed to bring up such a bright, sensitive and caring young man I do not know but I am so pleased he is mine.

He is also reaching out mow with my help to volunteering and work experience opportunities largely in the politics and history fields. He is amazing and soon he will realise this when he starts getting feedback from people other than myself.

He is so appreciative too saying how he loves that we have a weekly takeaway night and also a family meal out every week.

My daughter’s main news is that finally we have got her new glasses ordered. Her eyes have not changed much thankfully and very soon she will be getting rid of the Jack Duckworth look. She has picked some super attractive purple frames and the lovely optician made everything super easy. Big shout out to Vision Express in Plymouth who made her feel at ease which is not always easy.

She is working well on mathematics today and got 80 per cent right and quickly worked out where she had gone wrong in the other 20 per cent. She is loving listening to music, reading, writing and designing as ever.

My youngest son is still in post-birthday happiness mode. He had some new games which he is enjoying. He is doing mathematics with enthusiasm both listening to our explanations (because yes Dad is helping too!) and also going off and doing worksheets in his own time.

We had the most lovely Armistice Day with at least 3 nationalities celebrating together showing that however peace is threatened, it can return stronger than ever. We had lovely blue skies too and the special breeze that comes I think when the dead are impressed with us for remembering them. In the afternoon, we visited a really interesting Roman villa followed by a sneaky trip to MacDonalds just because.

Social life is balanced so I was out for my adoption day and then on Thursday too but kept things quiet and snuggly at home on the other nights.

What have you enjoyed in the last week?

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8 thoughts on “Highlights of my week”

  1. I sounds like a good week. It’s always a lovely feeling when you see your child grow up and become someone you can be proud of. I hope he has a lovely birthday. Since my two have grown up we they have always chosen to go out for a meal with me to celebrate. x

  2. Love love love this post Kate! It is so nice to see you so happy and content. Your son sounds like such a lovely young gentleman. But then again he is going to be, as he has such a wonderful mum!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Enjoy the rest of your week. x

  3. Yes, you son does sound wonderful … congrats to him, but also to you for helping in that! Good your other children are also giving you pleasure, and you sound good in yourself. #ablogginggoodtime

  4. Sounds like another busy week for you. The kids grow up so fast yet life is still so busy all the time! #ABloggingGoodTime

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