Highlights of my week

Sharing  my highlights of the week helps me stay positive. Counting your blessings really does work when it comes to maintaining happiness.

Better health

I have overcome a nasty urinary tract infection which laid me low for a week. I was so miserable with it and it followed a different infection recently so I was that bit sorry for myself. Gallons of cranberry juice, no caffeine or booze and some pills seems to have just about cleared it up.

Nights out

I have had a couple of nights out including a wonderful one with my teenager son watching the football with our local community. There were chips and a gorgeous  mojito. How have I managed to get to my age without sampling this delight? I have always favoured rum so goodness know how I have missed out but I won’t be doing again!

Gentle days

I wake early due to my husband’s overtime and as he is so busy, we can’t do much so I have gentle days including the odd nap in  the afternoon. The house and gardens are beautiful and if I get bored I can go and visit our lovely goats.


I have so enjoyed the World Cup this time around. How lovely to see a team we can be proud of working as a team instead of as superstars in their own right. How great to see good behaviour too on and off the field. I sense football may be changed forever.

Cave rescue

I was so thrilled when the first boys came out of the Thai cave. It just goes to show the hopeless situation can be turned round. Their parents must be so relieved. Again it was great to see folks working as a team and across nationalities to make a difference.

Other joys including  listening to music into the early hours of the morning, getting my son a new phone and some gorgeous salads. I have also managed to get to a new place with a few situations that have brought me pain over the years. I will be blogging!

Not a bad week overall.

What are you highlights of the week?


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