Highlights of the week

I am sharing my highlights of the week because it is always important to focus on the positives. Despite coming down with a very yucky bug that laid me low for a few days, my week is on the whole a good one.

1. We took delivery of two goats Dotty and Mabel who are keeping our back field down a bit. They are so sweet and friendly. They tempt the children outdoors and away from screens too so that’s a big plus.

2. My daughter is suddenly comfortable with taking a shower. This was a big success that many parents may take for granted. Willow has issues around water since being a baby and has always showed sheer terror at the idea of a shower. We had a problem with the heating in the bath room so I persuaded her to give a shower a try. I came up with the idea that she could wear a swimsuit if she wanted and for some reason that seemed to reassure her. After initial brief trembles, she ended up giggling and drenching me in the process. She now says she almost prefers showers to baths as they don’t take as long. I am so over the moon about this little progress in our lives.

3. My husband has had some overtime and financial boosts are always welcome here. It means we are working to a new timetable as a family but we are building in quality time including lunch dates in the village for coffee so I am not complaining one little bit.

4. My eldest son is really thinking seriously about his next steps in life. He has not made any decisions and there is no rush to do so. It is good to see him wanting to explore options though. In other news, I have realised he is 18 in November so have started discussing what he might like to do for that important milestone.

5. I have found my late mum’s recipe file again and am going to enjoy trying out some retro recipes with Ramsey who is 12 and loves cookery.

Life just seems a lot more balanced currently and I am enjoying that.

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  • oftencalledcathy

    Sometimes, little progress is actually a big thing and can lead to much much more. I hope it does. Great that your eldest is thinking about his future, I’m hoping my 17 year old will do the same soon x

  • Mother of 3

    Sorry to hear you were under the weather but I am so overjoyed for you that your daughter discovered showers.. It felt like it took my boys a long time to embrace them too and I am so happy now that no one really ever wants a bath anymore. They really are huge time savers! Sometimes it’s the little things! #blogCrush

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    How wonderful that you now have goats as a pet, it must be so theraputic when you stroke them. Looks like you have had a great week too especially with your husband getting the bonus he deserves.

  • Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    What a cheerful post! So glad that things are going awesomely well for you Kate.

    I love the names you have chosen for your goats. Dotty and Mabel are epic.

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

  • Anne

    I love your goats 🙂 I hope you are feeling better now after your bug. I totally get you on your daughter and the shower, although my daughter will take a shower she still insists that I go in the bathroom with her and she’s turning into a young lady. I wish she had the confidence to do it alone, her younger sister doesn’t have a problem, but I guess it’s one of the things I have to deal with as she’s autistic. Best of luck to your son. x

  • jeremy@thirstydaddy

    my daughter just started taking showers on her own. I’m still nervous about her messing up the temperature and burning herself, but it does save a lot of time. Hope you’re feeling better #anythinggoes

  • Liberty Henwick

    Great idea to post about all your positives Kate, I love how you have focussed on a positive with each family member (including pets lol). And how special to find your mum’s recipes and be passing htem on to the next generation. Thank you for linking up with #blogcrush, we’d love it if you could include our badge too. 🙂

  • Hannah Goode

    Love your little progress with the shower which is actually a massive step! My son has sensory issues and when he started showering it was the proudest moment of my life honest!
    Love the goats! So pleased you’re in such a good place right now x

  • Kirsty

    These are such lovely little positives. I totally get the shower thing. Our youngest isn’t bothered either way but our eldest has always been a bit afraid of water in her face and being splashed. Even using the shower to wash her hair caused issues until about 4 months ago. You give me hope. I’d love them to shower instead of bath.
    And I love that you have goats! That’s so cool.
    Thank you for joining #BigPinkLink

  • Jen

    I’m glad you had a good week despite the bug. My daughter is still getting used to showers, she doesn’t enjoy water landing on her head at all. Your daughter has done great! #bigpinklink

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