An home education disaster that wasn’t

We went to the Natural History Museum in London on Sunday.


On our home education journey, I have worked out that we can pack our weekends with stuff so that Him Indoors can join in too.

We had a great day and I intend to blog a review at some point with photographs.

My son said he wanted a Mining kit so as we now save on school lunch monies, we were happy to let him have it. Of course, as soon as we got home he wanted to mine. He was a bit disappointed that he could not find the minerals hidden in the sand block immediately. He wants to be an archaeologist so this gave him a real insight into how it can take a long time to discover just one item and that patience is required. Like myself, patience is not his strong point.

My daughter helped him and was lovely at using lots of reassuring words. Both myself and Him Indoors pitched in but at the end of the evening, we had only released one gemstone.

The next day, my son started again. At one point, he felt that water might speed things up and headed to the downstairs bathroom. Then the children went into the garden and soon were showing my their finds.

When I went to the loo later, I found that the plug in the sink was lodged and not to be moved with sand around the edges making it impossible to shift. I was not best pleased. When you rent rather than own your own home, such things are big worries.

My son had done nothing wrong but I can do without irritations like this and I wondered how Him Indoors would react.

When he came home from work, I outlined the situation. He went off to the bathroom and was back within seconds saying it was all OK now. It turns out that he knew there is a lever which lifts up the plug. Nobody told me!

So my son and daughter learned they need patience to make great finds.

I discovered that things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes I worry way too much.

This is my Magic Moment of the Week.

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