BritMums Live – feelings before going

I am attending BritMums Live in a couple of weeks.  It is my first ever blogging conference so it is quite a big deal for me. What are my feelings before going?

I live in Yorkshire and have 3 children so a fair amount of juggling has taken place to make my attendance possible.  I am still undecided on how I will get there but my wonderful step-daughter is taking all three children off my hands for a couple of days.  Yes, she is a total superstar.

I can remember reading all the tweets and so on about last year’s BritMums Conference and being so sad not to have summoned up the time and money to go.

I was determined to attend this year but may well have bottled it had it not being for the wonderful impact Groovy Mums has had on me.  So when Susanna from BritMums got in touch to ask me to moderate one of the workshops,  I said yes.  Of course, that was months ago when it did not seem scary as it was so far away.

So, here we are just two weeks away from the Big Event.

I am looking forward to time away from home and to meeting some people who I have known in the cyberworld for weeks, months and years.   I am a little nervous that I will not live up to people’s expectations but I guess I can only be myself and see what comes of that.  It is easy to blog openly and have your say from the comfort and safety of your sofa.  It is a very different thing to meet people up close and personal particularly when you are overweight and feel like you are on a huge climb-back to the person you used to be.

So how do I feel about BritMums Live?

The first thing to say is that I am really impressed with the diverse content of the various sessions.  I do believe there is something for everyone and how the BritMums team are managing to sleep whilst co-ordinating it all, I have no idea.

I am looking forward to hearing Ruby Wax on the Friday and Sarah Brown on the Saturday.  I admire both women for their individuality and their commitment to helping others.

As I want to pursue my writing of fiction and non-fiction, I am keen to attend the “Getting Published” session.

Then, through some mircale, I am going to the Brilliance in Blogging Awards Party.  I am a finalist in the Change category.  I am not expecting to win and am fine with that as I have seen the other wonderful finalists.  I even have a favourite but better not say who it is.

I am not sure what I will do on the Friday night but quite fancy having a lovely meal somewhere without the usual rigmarole of  “Sit down”, “Use your knife” and so on that accompanies meals with children.  Then again, I have never dined out with bloggers so who knows?

Saturday will be busy for me as I am moderating the “Blogging for the Greater Good” session.  The speakers are really strong though so that has reassured me a bit.  Plus I imagine delegates who attend the session will have plenty to say and I hope to faciliate a good discussion.  I am hoping the session will inspire new bloggers to get involved in supporting charities via their blogs and through participation in the Charity Connections – Blogging It Forward group on Britmums.

Having survived that session with a “Phew!” or two I am hoping to attend the session on e-books.  I keep intending to find out more about this topic so it will be wonderful to hear from the experts.

After lunch, I am involved in the discussion about “Blogging for Happiness”.  I am with two well-known bloggers so may well hide behind them.  Having said that, blogging has always made me happy otherwise I would not do it so much.  That might mean I have something valuable to say.

I imagine by 3pm on the Saturday, all the excitement will mean I am flagging a bit so I think I will not plan that bit of the day too tightly.

So with two weeks to go I veer between blind terror and total excitement.  I suppose I should start thinking about what to wear and quite fancy wearing something more feminine than the usual trousers or pyjama bottoms uniform.  For those cheeky folks who have asked, yes I will be clothed at the conference and promise not to flash my boobs with the sheer joy of it all.

I will probably be OK with the workshops and so on.  My scariest bit will be when I am hanging about during the more socialising bits of the two days.  I will be clutching a cup or a glass, analysing what I should say and why I always end up sounding so dim and wondering whether the loos provide a convenient hiding place at times of crisis.

Ah well, I guess it will all work out in the end and at the very least, provide some excellent ideas for future blog posts.

I suspect I might come across very much like Victoria Wood in that sketch where she said “Has anybody seen my friend?”

How are you feeling about BritMums Live?



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