How do I mark my adoption day?

43 years ago today, Mum and Dad set out to meet their new daughter.

I blogged about our special day here.

I still want the day to be special – remember, remember 5th November.  I think at least one of my children thinks we say that purely because it is the anniversary of me coming to Mum and Dad.

I want the day to be special for the family in the longer term so that nobody forgets the great gift Mum and Dad gave me when they chose to adopt me.

When Mum and Dad were alive, there would be cards, cakes, presents, visits and phone calls.

Last year was my first special day without them both and it was so close to Dad’s death that I did not do much to record it.

This year and in future years, I want to come up with some sort of ceremony or ritual that can become a new family tradition so that my children and maybe theirs too know just how wonderful Irene and Kenneth were/are and what a wonderful adoption story was had by all with fireworks and everything.

But how?


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10 thoughts on “How do I mark my adoption day?”

  1. Your parents sounded wonderful, it’s lovely that you have an anniversary of your arrival.

    Remembering this should be about life and how it continues, how about adopting a tree somewhere near you in a nice setting and every year you and the family lay some flowers there?

    I don’t know if national trust properties allow that (sorry) but pick somewhere special and scenic, with a fantastic view.

    That tree will grow on for all of you.

    Hope I haven’t suggested something totally unfeasible and that you all have a good day, remembering.

  2. As well as a family party to mark the occasion, why don’t you write your story and get it published somewhere each year during National Adoption Week (lucky it’s this week). It could give encouragement to those thinking about adoption. Happy Adoption Day to you. xxx

  3. Oh Kate, I hope you think of that special something to mark the day; something your kids will love too. I think I would tie it in with Nov the 5th and have the party and fireworks just like on that special day 43 years ago. xx

  4. It’s touching that you would always commemorate this day. As someone considering adopting future children, this warms my heart.

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