How to dress for a summer wedding

The last wedding I attended was my own in 2008. I didn’t really have a clue how to dress as I was an older bride and carrying too many pounds. I ended up buying 6 cheap dresses from Ebay to see if any of them might look halfway decent. On the morning of the wedding, my first choice did not fit so I wore one of the others. Planning was never my strong point! Out of the blue, an old friend has invited me to her second wedding in July. This time I am determined to get it right so have found some great tips from other friends on how to dress for a summer wedding including looking at the latest fashion trends for 2022.

How to dress for a summer wedding

The first thing to think about is what the weather is likely to do on the date of the wedding. Forecasts are available and you can also use your common sense. Although the summer is known for warmer temperatures, be prepared for the unexpected and particularly rain. Is there somewhere you can keep a stylish raincoat just in case the weather turns bad? Or you may much prefer a good old-fashioned umbrella in some cheerful colours. How long is the wedding party going on for? If you are going into the evening, think about something to put around your shoulders that won’t take away from your dress or suit such as a scarf. One thing I did get right when I got married was having a lovely pashmina that my mum said actually made my outfit.

Advice for bridesmaids and special guests

Although all wedding guests matter, some of us really feel under pressure to get things absolutely spot on. Bridesmaids and close relatives fall into this group. The choices online and at the shopping mall can be overwhelming. It’s great to have one website where you can find your prom dress which always works when you want to look extra special at a wedding. You need to reflect on the fine balance between not upstaging the bride but still rocking your look. I think it is always best to talk to the bride herself and she how she is feeling. Does she want all the guests in a certain colour or to follow a particular trend? It’s her day so it doesn’t hurt you to keep her happy.

Consider social media

Bear in mind that social media plays its part in most weddings these days. How you dress for a summer wedding may go down in history on Instagram and other social media networks. If you are concerned about this try your outfit on in advance to see just how you will appear in any wedding photos that are taken on the big day. Always ask your close family members and most honest friends what they think.

Think practically

Choose natural fabrics so you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable and sweaty on a long and hot day. It’s important to look after yourself in a heatwave or you will become ill. Make sure you can actually walk in the shoes you choose and in the different wedding venue you may be invited to. What works for a beach wedding is very different from what works for a church wedding. Think about who else will be at the wedding and bear in mind the sensitivities of the older generation or religious people if you are intending on flashing the flesh.

I would love you to share a comment with your top tips on how to dress for a summer wedding.








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