How to find a good removals company

They say moving home is one of the most stressful milestones in life. That is probably why most people avoid doing it too often. It can be exhausting. Moving to a new area can be daunting particularly if you don’t know anyone in that city, town or village. You worry you won’t get it done in time and how much it will cost both financially and emotionally. Sometimes we just have to move after a relationship breakdown, because we have outgrown the house of our parents or to pursue work or study. In such times it is vital to know how to find a good removals company.

Do I really need a good removals company?

You might think you can handle moving your stuff yourself without assistance. Whilst this is perfectly possible and I have done this myself, it can just mount on a load of additional stress. Good removals companies are the professionals who can pack and protect your fragile items. It is also easy to overestimate your strength and energy levels. Leave it to the people who do the heavy lifting day in and day out such as a good London removals company if you are in the city.

Finding house movers near you

You can look in your local newspaper or community magazines to see who is advertising their services. Many customers find their best removal firm on social media where businesses advertise frequently with business pages on Facebook and regular tweets about their services. There are even endorsement schemes you can look up online to give you complete peace of mind.

Getting removals quotes

Don’t assume all removal firms share the same pricing strategy. Shop around. Get at least three quotes. Although it can be a faff, getting firms to actually come and see what you have to move in advance of the date of your move works well. This also helps them assess challenges to the moves such as restricted access points or lots of stairs. If you get quotes online or via the telephone, be accurate and honest about how much you have to move including any things in your loft, garage, shed and outbuildings.

Ask the person you are dealing with such as your landlord or house seller of any issues at the other end such as access issues so you can give the best brief to your removals company.

The best quotes often breakdown the costs so you can see exactly what you are paying for such as packing, insurance, labour, mileage and any storage costs. You are well advised to check if you have to pay more if the the move takes longer than expected.

Briefing your removal company

Once you have a contract in place with your removal company, give them a really full brief. You may want to highlight your most treasured possessions such as antiques and instruments and how you want them to be packed. Wardrobes and other furniture may need dismantling before they can be put in the van. Are any carpets and curtains to be moved or should they be left in your old property? A floor plan of your new home with an indication of where you wish items to be placed can make the whole operation that much easier.







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