How to get kids to do stuff you want them to

How to get kids to do stuff inspired posts like my one about being a waitress to them.

how to get kids to do stuff

I have driven myself into the ground all too often looking after my children. I am one of those mums who wanted them never to be upset and that was unrealistic. It wasn’t their fault but they learned through my bad parenting skills to take advantage on occasion.

My most wise child is my youngest who told me that if I show him how to do something he is more than happy to help with household tasks.

So I did. He has started keeping his room so much nicer as a result and has offered to help even when I could not see that things needed tackling.

My daughter at the age of 12 suddenly has started to take a pride in her bedroom.

I am still working on the sulky teen.

Having said that today, I put my “I mean it” voice on which actually does work and does not require a raised voice or tension.

Imagine my happiness when my 3 little ducklings (yes all 3 of them!) did exactly as I asked immediately and with no arguments or attitude problems.

Is it really simple as that? I believe it is and wish someone had told me so much sooner!


As I am joining in with the Reasons to be Cheerful linky, I will add in the following lovely things.

1. The dream is becoming so realistic now. Watch this space!

2. I am feeling better after a week of feeling grotty. It shows how when you rest up it does you the power of good.

3. My son is walking better and becoming more independent after his operation.

4. My daughter continues to amaze me with her vivid imagination.

5. I had a lovely long film session with my youngest. I love quality one on one time with each of them.

Do you find it challenging to get kids to do stuff?

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  1. I’ve always been firm and consistent with mine so they do tend to toe the line and do as I ask them but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a few grumbles at times and then they need a reminder of what being a team means. Mich x

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