How to have a clutter-free bedroom

When we moved into our new home, there was a debate about bedrooms. I wanted the master of course so I could spread out and work in there. There are two other bedrooms and both my teenagers wanted the L-shaped one. After a lot of debate, it became clear that the best way for me to resolve the issue was for me to take the smallest bedroom in the house. My daughter took the L-shaped one and my son was happy now that he had the biggest room in the house! As someone who buys  too many things in charity shops, I have to be organised now to work out how to have a clutter-free bedroom. Whether you choose walk in wardrobes or settle for plastic crates, you will sleep better knowing all your items are appropriately stored.

Bed with storage

I have learned from my mum and have got a bed which has drawers underneath it. This means I can put clothes that I don’t wear in the current season in one drawer. The other has my bedding which reminds me so much of my childhood. Mum always invested in beautiful sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers.

Dressing table

I have always fancied having a dressing table like those you see in the movies with lightbulbs around the mirror. My room isn’t large enough for one so my version sits on the landing providing extra storage space for my bits and bobs. It’s a vintage one acquired at a bargain price in an antique furniture store.


This is probably the storage item people think of first or second when furnishing a bedroom. They come in different sizes to fit most bedrooms. Mirrors on the front help make a space look bigger. I remember a friend having a wardrobe made by a joiner to his exact specifications to hold all his designer suits and fancy sweaters. You can look into special wardrobes to fit tricky areas and you should click to read more about such options.


I have always preferred deep drawers and find too many chests are flimsy or not roomy enough for things like jumpers. Recently, I have made a real effort to have tidier spaces so I have invested in some drawer dividers. I was lucky enough to have some drawers left in the house when we moved in and they have proved so helpful.

Bedside cabinets

I always think you can invest in bedside cabinets to reflect your personal style whatever your budget. As with other items of furniture, you can buy second-hand and upcycle perhaps adding some funky handles. I always think you can tell a lot about a person by the items displayed on their bedside cabinet. You will tend to find a pile of books on mine along with a special family photograph.

These items can help you work out how to have a clutter-free bedroom. I think this is important and can really help your bedroom to be a calm and restful sanctuary.









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