How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden
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How to keep pests out of your garden

How to keep pests out of your garden is something anyone with outside space needs to think about from time to time. When you have spent hours making your garden beautiful or paying for the services of a good gardener, the last thing you want is pests coming in and spoiling it all for you and your family. Did you know that on average over a lifetime people spend £30 000 on the various aspects of gardening? I think we all recognise that gardens can provide a sanctuary that keeps us going when times are bad and that can be enjoyed as a family when the sun shines bright. I was interested to read a report from Sloane and Sons Garden Benches on how to get rid of pests that threaten our private oasis recently.

Ants in your plants

There is something very irritating about ants I find and sometimes it feels like you can never quite stop them invading your space. You can though with the help of some pretty basic things that you probably already have for cleaning purposes in your kitchen such as white vinegar as just one example.

Shrug off the slugs

Slugs used to terrify me as a child and they are still not fun to have around. Removing places they can hide means they are prey to natural predators. I have to admit stifling a giggle when getting them inebriated on beer was suggested as a way to help them have a happy ending.

Fox that fox

We know that foxes are now seen regularly in cities and large towns as well as out in the countryside. Never mind the garden – it is quite scary to see them invading houses from time to time. There is no doubt foxes are lovely to look at although I have to admit to going off one when it attacked my cat. Apparently usually the bark of a family dog will deter a fox and fencing is useful too.

Splat the rat

Let’s face it – few of us are fans of rats. They spread disease and will happily destroy your plants. It is important to know how to spot the signs of rats in your garden and to be aware that they will be particularly attracted to your home in the colder months. There are ways to discourage them and making sure you don’t leave rubbish available in your garden is a good start. If all else fails, you may have to call on the paid services of a professional exterminator.

Keep pests out of your garden

It is good to have your eyes opened to the amount of pests that threaten your lovely garden. We have all had times when menacing midges have ruined an outdoor party with family and friends. Moles can make unsightly mounds on your lawns. I remember my late Dad feeling very harassed by a landlord who said my elderly dad should be getting rid of moles in the garden. Other people will have issues with cats. Few of us would like too many pigeons leaving their droppings in our outside space. It is reassuring to know there are so many methods for you to try to keep pests out of your garden.

What type of pests do you struggle with?

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