How To Protect Your Carpet
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How to protect your carpet in 5 easy steps

Carpet is something that we put in our homes to express our individual style. It is proven to stand the test of time as a durable floor covering. It gives a sense of comfort to special rooms like lounges and bedrooms. However, if it is not looked after properly it can look shabby and become dirty. I am sharing 5 tips learned by bitter experience on how to protect your carpet.

Use mats and rugs – how to protect your carpet

This really does make a huge difference especially if you get those brilliant mats that capture all the muck as you come in. Of course, it is vital that you either clean them regularly or consider replacing them at regular intervals so that they can do their job properly. Once the mats are down, ensure you encourage your children and pets to use them. This takes effort but is not impossible. I am a big fan of rugs too but again they need to be cleaned regularly.

Vacuum regularly

Get into a good system to ensure that vacuuming in included in your housework schedule. If you do not vacuum regularly, the particles of dirt work into your carpet as you walk on it. This makes them super challenging to remove. So put on some music with a good beat and make vacuuming a fun workout for you and your lovely carpet. Choose a good vacuum too. You do not always get what you pay for and some budget alternatives are great but do shop around and ask for recommendations before spending your hard-earned cash.

Move furniture around

We have all had shocking moments when moving home to find that heavy furniture has left indentations on our carpets. Move your heavier furniture around on a regular basis to reduce the opportunity for such damage. Take care when moving furniture so you don’t inadvertently damage the very carpet you are trying to protect. Beware of chairs or appliances that have casters on them as these are notorious for damaging carpet

Caution when cleaning

If you clean your carpet in ways that make it wet or damp, make sure it is thoroughly dried out before putting things such as rugs or sofas on top of it. You can buy some great steam cleaners and combined wet and dry carpet cleaners. However, if things are really getting on top of you housework wise getting professional carpet cleaners in can take a load of your mind. For stains and spillages, ensure you tackle them immediately but don’t go over the top with water or detergent. Also it is better to blot clean than to rub and scrub allowing the cleaner to soak up the stain rather than you spreading the issue over a larger area.

Consult the carpet manufacturer

Nobody knows the carpet as much as the manufacturer. Consult in detail when you purchase the carpet to make sure it fits the specific needs of your household. Ask what sort of underlay you should ideally place under the carpet too.

If you do all these things, you will be well on your way to a guarantee that the money you have spent on your flooring is money well spent for years to come.

Do you have tips on how to protect your carpet to share with my readers?


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