How To Think Slim

How to think slim and lose weight

Do you struggle to shed the pounds? Are you like me with stones to lose? Do you want to strive for your best weight loss? Do you believe you can learn to think slim?

I would like to tell you how to think slim and lose weight.


I started on a Thinking Slimmer programme in late January this year. If you are still chained to the idea that losing weight has to be difficult, you will probably also want to know my results really quickly.


I have lost 1 stone since starting Thinking Slimmer. I am also thrilled to have lost loads of inches particularly from my tummy area but also from my hips and waist. It is great to not have to squeeze my arms into sleeves too.

How does Thinking Slimmer work?

You simply listen to a recording at a time of day to suit you. I find it forces me to take time out for myself and let’s face it most mums could do with that me time whether they need to lose weight or not. Slimpods are one part of the offer but you can also tap into Fitpods and Chillpods.

What I love about Thinking Slimmer

You are not made to feel bad nor do you beat yourself up emotionally when you make certain food choices.

You really feel that Thinking Slimmer care about you as an individual and are committed to helping you make progress.

You are given so much information to support your journey and take it at a pace that suits you.

You learn to recognise when you are full and feel OK about not clearing the plate.

You seem to feel better about yourself and become more self-accepting.

What I am celebrating partly due to Thinking Slimmer

Feeling liberated from weight loss being a struggle or upsetting in any way.

Making positive food choices most of the time.

Walking faster and feeling fitter.

Loving myself enough to dress nicely and to see there is actually quite a lovely figure going on already.

Knowing I have lost 3 stones since starting to lose weight last year. Believing that I will lose the rest and not feeling stressed about the process.

How To Think Slim And Lose Weight

I asked Sandra from Thinking Slimmer for her view and loved it when she said

“For me, the most important part of all, it works from the inside, building self-esteem so you reconnect with who you are and begin to love who you see in the mirror. When you are empowered, anything is possible!”

Want to retune your mind so food is in its rightful place in your life? Are you ready to think slim?

Check out Thinking Slimmer.

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