How to win a blogging award

It’s blogging award season again.

So as someone who has won a few blog awards in my time, I thought I would share my secrets on how to win a blogging award.

1. Start a blog but don’t say who you are for years.

2. Don’t join any blogging networks because you do not know they exist.

3. Be so clueless that you never put photos on your blog. As for anything else technical, well forget it.

4. Run away from any idea of self-hosting because it must be complicated surely.

5. Avoid blogging events because you are not a “real” blogger.

6. Wonder what statistics are and when you find out get a bit daft about them and then decide you have no intention of missing out on life whilst chasing stats.

7. Attend blogging events occasionally and do one or more of the following:

a) Struggle to say hello
b) Hide in the loo
c) Have steamed up glasses
d) Get ridiculously drunk

7. Start working for a blogging network so you become ineligible for their awards and unlikely to get one from any other network.

8. Join in linkys only if they really interest you.

9. Write what you want when you want and how you want. Take a break when it feels right to do so.

10. Get a gimmick and be aware this might give people the wrong impression of you.

Well that’s how I did it.

What do I take from this?

If you are yourself and don’t jump through hoops, you might just get an award anyway.

And if you do, at least you will know it is for the real you!

All the best and remember award-winning or not, your blog is amazing because it is yours!

It’s a bit like Valentine’s Day. You might get roses but if you don’t you can always treat yourself to some.

With love from me to you.

P.S. Unlikely things do happen

6 thoughts on “How to win a blogging award”

  1. ha this made me laugh Kate – totally agree on all accounts, especially that you don’t need awards to tell you your blog is good. Some of the smallest, most obscurest blogs are my favorites – they may not win awards but that doesn’t affect my enjoyment of them 🙂

  2. Hah! Loved that…it’s nice to come across something really ‘real’ every now and again! 🙂 I’m so new to this world, it’s embarassing!! Good to have come across your blog. x Kanch

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