I am a firework

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You might think the title of this post is a reference to a Katy Perry song but let me tell you right now, I am actually a firework. I know this because my mum told me so. The entire fireworks in the sky on Bonfire Night are nothing to do with Guy Fawkes and actually all about me. Because I am so special and today is my day and there’s a particular thing called a Catherine Wheel that is named just for me.

You see, I am adopted and I came to my Mum and Dad on Bonfire Night collected from the Catholic Children’s Home in Leeds having made a journey up North with my birth mum that day by train from London because there was a social worker strike so nobody else could bring me.

I have written about all this many times on my blog so apologies to regular readers but actually baby I don’t care as it is my special day and I am claiming it. My parents whilst still alive made a big fuss about it with cards, flowers and often chocolate eclairs or similar. It’s harder now they are no longer here. My children try but can’t really feel its significance. My husband is bad at special days generally so I feel pressured as the day is on the horizon.

Today, I woke up feeling warm and snuggly under my duvet. The song that I know is somehow a gift from my Dad came into my head for no apparent reason. It’s the Light Up song from Snow Patrol that says “even if you cannot hear my voice”. Dad sent this for the first time as I travelled to give his eulogy at his funeral and he popped back again to sing it again when my voice wobbled as I delivered it.

I was soon downstairs sitting in the lounge when a robin fluttered in a dramatic way outside the window. Mum always thought robins were a visit from her mum so I do the same now. Hello Mum!

I tried to talk about the day with my husband. He does try but perhaps only those involved in the adoption can really get it. I went for a walk and we might go for a drink tonight to mark the day. I will see how I feel later.

Then I opened my emails and there was one from my remaining brother.

“Dear Kate

49 years ago today a light came into our lives.  Keep on shining.

Lots of love as always
Chris xxx”

I can tell you I shed a tear or two. I was not expecting the message and it was so right a bit like when Alice tastes that porridge in the fairy tale.

So the day started with light in that song, a robin came to say hello and then light came from my brother too just when I needed it. Who knows? Maybe I will find more light tonight?

I have never thought about it before but today it makes sense to me why I struggle when people who I think should (close to home) don’t find me special. I was told so many times as a child that I was that I grew to believe it.

I am special because I am an individual just like you are. I am special because I was chosen. I am special because I was loved and nurtured by am amazingly bright, fun and characterful family.

So today of all days, I will take on board what my brother said and keep shining! If anything I will resolve here and now to shine way more than I have done for many years because ultimately my dear, as my mum always told me, I am a firework!


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27 thoughts on “I am a firework”

  1. Just wow! Oh you celebrate hard my live. We adopted our daughter during the summer (court order pending) and I hope she feels the same about us when she’s older. I also hope her brother (birth son) feels like your brother. Happy adoption day xxx

  2. Oh Kate, you truly are a firework, what a lovely touching post. Even if your family now doesn’t really ‘get it’ at least you have had your special messages on your day xx

  3. Shine, sparkle, and dance for joy! I’m so happy you found your forever family and they embraced you for all your special qualities. I think only people who have experienced adoption can really appreciate the magnitude of the event – but we try hard to join in on the celebration! #GlobalBlogging

  4. Kate you write so beautifully and from the heart and it really comes through. It is a touching piece and I
    sincerely hope you had a great day! #twinklytuesday

  5. oh gosh I could not get through this without crying, how beautiful that you were so loved and wanted, so cherished, a Firework! Wow your parents sound so amazing and I am so gad you received all the messages! I hope you can feel cherished closer to home, I wish they understood better for you, just remember that with your blog you are continuing to shine all over the world including here in Australia through you words. Thank you for taking the time to link this special post with #ABloggingGoodTime

  6. I know I am back again, but had to tell you I have chosen this post as my Blog Crush this week because I just love it!

  7. Such a heartfelt, joyous, inspiring post! I love that your parents made fireworks all about you – that’s a wonderful memory to treasure and one that your should definitely keep going, even if they are not around to enjoy it with you. Sending much love on your 49 celebration.

    Plus someone chose to add this post to the BlogCrush linky for you. Hurray! #blogcrush

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