Cancer Research UK dryathalon

I am doing the Dryathalon for Cancer Research UK.


The New Year is a time for positive resolutions.

One of mine is to give up booze because I think this is a good idea in itself for me right now and also because I can neatly use this personal challenge to raise money for a cause close to my heart, Cancer Research UK.

I have not had an alcoholic drink since New Year’s Eve and I intend to stay dry during January for this charity initiative.

So you could say I am  not raising a glass for the New Year but raising money instead to support a charity that makes a difference.

I support charities by raising awareness a lot but it is too long since I did something that involves more of myself putting myself out for something amazing.  That is going to change this year.

Most individuals and families have been affected by cancer in some way.  We know of children and teenagers who have died too young.  We know of parents who are struggling with cancer issues right now.

I am dedicating this fundraising venture to my Mum died from cancer in 2009.   Here is a little of her story.  This blog is her legacy to it feels good to tie it altogether.

I know times are really tight for so many people right now and that there are so many demands on our purses and wallets for sponsorship for very good causes.

I don’t have any particular reason why you should sponsor me instead of anyone else.  I just hope someone does or I may need to turn to drink lol.

Go on! Make my day!!



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