I am not a fan of David Bowie

Let me state straightaway that I am not a fan of David Bowie.

It was the average Monday morning and we were under pressure to get my son to school and my husband to work on time.

Suddenly we looked at the telly and saw the words “David Bowie has died”

Disbelief is an over-used work. I think it means that when you see something like that your mind can only cope by wondering if it is some sort of sick joke. You wait for the harsh fact to change and it will not budge.

I am not a fan of David Bowie. I have not followed his career closely, put posters of him on my walls and yet ….

I am transported back to a youth club in Birstall. I was approached by a boy for the first time. He was a little quirky and hence intriguing. He talked about Bowie who I knew little about and I went into that actress mode that women use when they will say anything to keep a boy talking to them. It was the Eighties and I remember dancing to Let’s Dance and China Girl.

It’s an individual memory and that is the point – so many of us have personal memories related to Bowie.

I am not a fan of David Bowie and yet ..

I remember watching the film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence over and over again.

There was a fascination with those mismatched eyes.

I loved Under Pressure with my favourite band Queen.

I heard he chopped up newspapers and put random words together as part of his creative process. I loved that idea!

I am thinking of Boy George who was a huge influence on me who has said how Bowie gave him the freedom to be different.

As the family discussed the news, my husband was back in the Seventies and myself in the Eighties whilst my youngest son said that Bowie had obviously known he was about to die which is why his album was released. As I watched the boys set off, I realised the old lady next door will have her own fond memories of Bowie.

I don’t know much about Bowie and I want to know more. How often do we do that after someone is gone?

Co-incidentally this week in home education we wanted to study a musician beginning with B so I guess we have our answer.

I am not a fan of Bowie so I may get this wrong.

It seems to me here was someone from an ordinary background who did extraordinary things. Whilst doing this he appears to have not given any particular heed to what the babbling voices of critics thought.

We are all blessed with an individuality so perhaps if we celebrate that and work it to the maximum we too can do extraordinary things. Use that intelligence. Be bold and creative. Put your hands over your ears when the critics bang on.

I Am Not A Fan Of David Bowie

It is so sad when is becomes was but I think where the creative arts are concerned the legacy always keeps a special soul alive.

I Am Not A Fan Of David Bowie



  1. Amy January 11, 2016 / 9:40 am

    I myself am not a fan of David Bowie but I do remember watching Labrynth as a child thinking how strange he was. My mum loved him too. If you haven’t watched Labrynth I suggest you do as it has become one of my fav films Xx

  2. Charlene January 11, 2016 / 11:54 am

    I am also not a fan of his music but I found myself curiously affected by his passing. It has been a reminder to me of the potential we have to have an impact on others.

  3. Ellen January 11, 2016 / 2:47 pm

    I am a fan of his music & love the fact that last year my 8r old son developed a love for David Bowie’s music, he was gutted this morning!
    I love how you will study his music for Home Ed, I did a similar thing when Nelson Mandela died, the children & I downed tools for the day and discussed apartheid & the musical influences of the time on that particular struggle xx

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