I am obese and I know it

I am obese. There is little point in running away from this fact. I feel it is time to start phase two of my weight loss journey. BritMums Live was a bit of a milestone for me and it was kind of people to say I was looking “svelte” “gorgeous” and “amazing” but there is a long way to go. I guess the next milestone can usefully be the BritMums Christmas party.

On a positive note, I am now only obese whereas when I started this journey, I was very obese. I look forward to being overweight first and then to hit that dizzy day when I am a healthy weight.

Today I am revisiting my own tips from the first part of my journey.

1. Make a real commitment to your healthy eating.

From November to April, I made such a great commitment. A break way messed up my meal planning and I have relaxed a little too much in the run up to July. It is time to commit again.

2. Find someone who has lost weight to inspire you.

I can inspire myself. I have lost a lot of weight. I can and will finish the journey.

3, Accept that you may well be on a long journey and visualize the amazing destination.

It is a long journey but I am about halfway there. I need to celebrate that and then look forward to seeing that destination in sharp focus.

4. Accept that you are already gorgeous inside and that the outside will soon reflect that too.

Huge thanks to those who gave such generous compliments online and at BritMums Live. You really gave me such a confidence boost. I am not used to perceiving myself as attractive but if I can see the beauty in others, I need to do that for me too.

5. Reach out for support.

Support is vital to me. I need that army of supporters spurring me on. I see the changes in my behaviour when my support system gets quieter. I can be proactive and ask for that support.

6. Don’t stress the blips

I did not reach my target weight for BritMums Live. So what? Today is another day and the future is bright.

7. Choose foods that you enjoy

I am going to do a big Internet shop and fill the basket with healthy foods that I enjoy.

8. Get real about the health risks you are taking

This one speaks for itself and I need to get a new blood check.

9. Get real about the size of the problem.

I still have a lot of stones to shift. I am obese. I must look that way too. I have work left to do.

10. Celebrate every baby step

I got into a dress that I bought about 3 years ago in the hope one day I would wear it to BritMums Live. It was labelled size 14. I am not claiming to be size 14 but I managed to wear that dress on the Saturday. That is a baby step in the right direction and this photo shows that very dress.

Caprice supermodel

I will listen to my Slimpod and keep doing what I am doing. It is working.


I Am Obese And I Know It

5 thoughts on “I am obese and I know it”

  1. Lovely post hunny.
    You are doing SO well and you will get there, even if it takes a while. You won’t let yourself fail nor will your friends. We are behind you all the way x

  2. Wonderful post, keep on going, you are doing amazingly!
    I’ve just started my own weight loss journey, I am already struggling but I am trying and that counts.

  3. Hi Kate,
    As ever, I love your honesty and directness. I can’t talk as my genes dictate that I don’t really put weight on. That’s the way I’m made… I get spots, sciatica, anxiety and have vitiligo instead to name but a few issues….

    To your helpful list of tips for weight-loss, I’d love to add 2 more. They come from working with clients and observing how their bodies tick. I don’t know whether they might also be helpful!

    1) Not everybody’s body wants the same thing to feel healthy and work well. Different body types respond well to different types of food. My body runs well on masses of veg, plenty of protein and no dairy. Other bodies I have worked with need plenty of good-quality protein to function well, or animal fats not oils, or….. or….. I use muscle-testing to help narrow down what an individual needs because we really are all different. One client got a whole new lease of life when she swapped her breakfast porridge for bacon and egg. Who could have predicted that?!

    2) I believe that some of us carry weight when we are carrying unacknowledged emotion. I have seen women shed weight without trying as they are able to release emotions which they have been forced to ‘swallow down’ or hold in for years. There really does seem to be a link between our physical bodies and our emotional state.

    These may not be relevant for everyone, but might be the missing link for some??

    Thanks for sharing, as ever. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

    Hilary x

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts, you inspire so many people.
    Your weight loss was very evident at BritMums, your target is personal to you so don’t beat yourself up that you didn’t get there, Christmas is an achievable one if you feel ready.
    Do it for you and at your own pace x

  5. what a gorgeous dress. You are doing brilliantly and are certainly a huge inspiration to me. Everytime I start to reach for those unhealthy snacks I remind myself of your brilliant progress and i want to see that progress for myself too. (well maybe not everytime as my willpower isn’t great when it comes to sweet treats but at least some of the time i’m managing to make the healthy choice).

    Nag me at christmas – I might just be brave enough to come to the britmums christmas get together. xxx

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