I can see clearly now

I can see clearly now on many fronts and this is making me cheerful. I have had a lovely couple of weeks.


1. We had an amazing break in Norfolk boating with Herbert Woods. I will write a review soon. My pictures are on Instagram or some of them as I took so many! I am totally smitten with the place and want to hurry back. The family did the driving and for the first time in years, I laid back and enjoyed the ride with beautiful weather and the sleep I clearly needed so very much.

2. We also had a cheeky hotel night stay which was fun.

3. I am getting stronger and stronger in my feelings about home education. Nine months in the children are not suddenly without intelligence. They direct a lot of their own learning allowing their talents to emerge in a natural way. It has taken me a long time to deschool myself proabably inevitably after staying in education so long myself. I think I could probably sum up this year as my daughter becoming mentally well, my son finding the things he likes best most of which was not offered at all in school and me realising that maybe I am good enough to support their learning journeys after all.

4. Him Indoors arranged a little trip to Cambridge. My college was closed but a little chat with the porter soon solved that issue. Only my youngest seemed to feel about the place in a similar way to me. For me, this place is a sanctuary, home and magical. My husband says it is just a town (I did point out that if he was a Cambridge graduate, he would know it is actually a city!). My daughter pulled a face at the very idea of her ever attending. My other son just whinged keen to get back to his latest game no doubt. Nobody can spoil this place for me. Memories hit me with pleasure. Graduation Day was happening helping me to reflect on all I have achieved in 25 years and how life has changed too.

5. We are looking at a new house tomorrow – I am not sure anything will come of it but for now, I am very excited!

6. I am planning a new blog. I am really clear on what I want to do with it. It is going to be a team effort and lead to great things.

7. We have baked this week with the children learning important baking and life lessons like read the instructions (and sometimes ignore them) it is OK to be flexible with ingredients and it generally all works out in the end. We also realised we need to double up on amounts as Him Indoors is our biggest fan.

8. Tonight, I feel excited like I am on the cusp of many new and wonderful things. I can see clearly now. That is a very good reason to be cheerful.

4 thoughts on “I can see clearly now”

  1. Totally understand point 3, it took me a while to deschool! I’ve enjoyed seeing your pictures on Instagram this week, the broads look beautiful and fingers crossed with the new house x

  2. I’m really pleased to hear your home schooling journey is so successful so far everyone seems happy your household 🙂 good luck with the blog sounds exciting! X

  3. I don’t even know where to start! Your home education journey has been amazing to watch, I hope you inspire others, who may be struggling with the idea, to give it a go. I hope the house viewing went well, I’ve been waitig to hear, let me know woman!!
    Off subject, it was such a joy to be in your company again, at britmums, you make my naughtiness seem normal lol xx

  4. So glad you had a lovely trip to Cambridge, a city that is special to me too. And as always I am so interested in how home education is progressing for you, as I still think that it may be the next step here. Hope the house viewing went well and here’s to new and wonderful things!

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