I need to remember ..

Last week, I wrote about a post about how I am struggling with our current situation with my OH needing to find a new job after being made redundant by the Royal British Legion. I then had a bit of an emotional meltdown on Friday night when the car broke down. Just what we did not need.

We are OK for now but I know that this won’t last forever and just know how much a job offer would put our minds at rest.

I need to remember that this is really not an easy time for my husband and not just focus on myself and the children.

He has lost a job, he has lost colleagues, he has lost the thing he has done for 7 years, he is worried about the clients he has had to leave behind – it’s a big deal.

He feels he is letting us down. He is very old school and believes it is the man’s job to support his family financially.

He is upset but bottles it up so it appears that he is not and then suddenly you realise just how upset he is and feel like a bad wife for not remembering just how tough it is for him right now.

I can do the practical help but I am not sure I am very good at the emotional stuff. Anything I say sounds in my ears like pointless platitudes. That does not mean he does not need to hear those words.

So this week, I resolve to be less selfish, to stop whingeing and shouting, to only tweet positive things and to wake up to the fact that the Legion had the power to take my husband’s job (totally unfairly in my view) but only I can give them the power to ruin my relationship.

And that would be a really stupid thing to do.

Big thanks to OH for spending time, effort and money to ensure that we did get the birthday weekend planned for my son after all.

3 thoughts on “I need to remember ..”

  1. Your husband sounds like a good man. I do hope he finds a new job soon. It does seem that he is getting through to the interview stage so that is good news in itself. Hopefully a job offer is just around the corner. Wishing you a good and positive week. x

  2. I think you are doing a superb job of supporting each other. Life just gets in the way sometimes, I understand that. Maybe a simple cuddle, that costs nothing, would do you both some good xxx

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