I’m in Love With My Car

Some years ago, a rather bizarre story made headlines when it was revealed that a middle-aged Sussex man had been arrested on public indecency charges when he was found in a compromising position with a tractor. Truth is stranger than fiction, they say, and the man admitted to a sexual fetish involving tractors and admitted to numerous indecent acts involving tractors in quiet county Sussex!

Love on four wheels

There is no doubt that women approach their pastimes and interests with a far more refined sense of style and panache, and it is refreshing to see that the joy of cars and all things automotive is not just the domain of men. Many women these days are indulging their love of cars with a passion and enthusiasm, which is challenging the traditional male-oriented view of the industry.

It seems that a growing number of women are seeing car ownership and restoration as a mainstream hobby as opposed to a basic necessity.

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It seems that a growing number of women are seeing car ownership and restoration as a mainstream hobby as opposed to a basic necessity….. you could even go that extra mile to make your car more special by going to a Legal Number Plate Maker and choosing yourself a new, or personalised number plate for your little beauty

Meet Helen Wheels

For those old enough to remember the old Paul McCartney and Wings song ‘Helen Wheels’, it may come as something of a surprise to learn that the subject of the hit single was actually Paul and Linda’s much loved Land Rover, which the couple affectionately dubbed ‘Hell On Wheels’ after travelling around Scotland in it.

For Linda and Paul, the old Land Rover was reportedly associated with happy memories of throwing their things into the back of it and touring Scotland with their kids and family dogs. After her death, Paul revealed just how much his wife Linda had loved Scotland, and it seemed the faithful old family Land Rover played an intrinsic, albeit mechanical, role in that love affair.

In the same way, many latter-day women are discovering a similar connection with a favourite car, and the recollection of the independence it gave them, together with the ‘road memories’ of travel and discovery, make it a very personal and special relationship.

Women at the wheel

Basic car ownership in modern times is as much a female domain as it is male, however, women’s representation in the industry appears to be changing. Mary Barra, the current chairman and CEO of the legendary General Motors Corporation, is a living testament to that. Having started work in 1980 checking body panels and hoods with the automotive giant, Barra gained a Bachelor of Science specialising in electrical engineering from the General Motors Institute. During this time, he progressed through the roles of vice president of the firm’s Global Product Development and Supply Chain before taking the leading role of CEO for the automobile manufacturer.

From Mister Fixit to Sister Fixit

Everyday ownership of a car is typically a case of necessity; however, the hobby of classic car ownership has seen a rise in the numbers of female car owners, particularly baby boomers.

Traditionally a masculine domain, the world of classic car restoration and ownership is increasingly being patronised by women.

It seems that admiration of all things mechanical, vintage, and classic spans both sexes, and it appears that when it comes to classic cars, and indeed vehicles in general, women have clear ideas as to what they like!


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