International Women’s Day 2022

As a woman who set up a blog to share the realities of life as a modern woman and a proud feminist, I hope you are celebrating International Women’s Day in style. Let’s acknowledge our own beauty inside and out, kick ass, help others and ensure our voices are heard. All these baby steps lead to women being valued by society that little more which is vital so we all get a fair deal and challenge discrimination and abuse.

What’s your story?

I absolutely love to share stories from women over on my blog. Whether you really are a Woman on Thin Ice or you have got life sorted, I would love to hear from you. I am happy to share tales of how you have overcome adversity, coped with loss or rebuilt your life when the odds seemed against you. If you want to promote your business or a charitable campaign, consider me your friend.

A few women I admire

Irene was my adoptive mum and is very much missed. She brought her sons up to adulthood and then gave an unwanted baby a second chance. She was feisty, charity-minded and had a ribald sense of humour. She told me to write which is why you are hearing from me today.

Hayley is a friend who carries my late mum’s handkerchief as she powerfully campaigns on really important issues. She is gently changing hearts and minds about Down’s Syndrome. She is also up for a challenge and a good laugh. A shout out to her amazing daughters Mia and Natty too.

Katy is not only a famous Blue Peter presenter but one of the good gals generally. She is authentic and tells things as they are which I admire so much. She has reinvented herself as a personal empowerment coach. She was kind enough to send me a lovely message when she found out about my recent troubles.

Sam is one of many women and men who supported me as I found the strength to leave an abusive relationship. She was there at any hour of day or night for me even though she has caring responsibilities within her family.

Willow is my lovely daughter who is just on the cusp of adulthood. She is on the autistic spectrum and has struggled with social anxiety. She was bullied in school so spent years in home education. In 2020 she returned to formal education and is studying for GCSEs and a BTEC in Creative Media. She rocks!

A key message from an inspirational woman from the past

The start of an exciting year

My blog was always about women. Moving forwards, I will be ensuring I support women not only by sharing stories and inspiration but by digital courses on issues such as building confidence and money management. Watch this space – we are going to have some fun! You might want to subscribe now as my email subscribers will receive a whopping 20% off my digital courses in 2022.

Call to action

Let me know I am not talking to myself and leave a comment to share your thoughts, feelings and stories. I can’t wait to hear from you!

My Random Musings

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