Tesco toys and the Tesco Toy team

My tween son has reviewed Tesco toys.


We were delighted that our youngest son was chosen to take part in the Tesco Toy Team after the casting day I blogged about yesterday.




He loves to perform and always has plenty to say.  We think that is why he was selected although as he threatened to shoot one of the people auditioning for participants with  Nerf gun, we can’t be sure.






The first joy was when two toys arrived for him to test at home.  As you can see from the pictures, he was rather excited.



A week later we set off for the London studios for the filming day.

Tesco were again welcoming and provided us with refreshments.

It was so exciting to watch Ramsey and the other children doing their thing.  The set was amazing and Ramsey worked first in a pair and then on his own.

Please do check out the videos – they give a really honest account of what the children found about some of the toys available for Christmas at Tesco.

Please see the link below, this will take you on to the videos.


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