Is 2014 the year you will get Groovy?

Are you a mum who wants to make changes in your life?

You might know exactly what you want to do.  You might have a few ideas that you would like to investigate further. You may be feeling a bit down and just sense that there must be more to life that what you have currently.

Groovy Mums can help!



Groovy Mums does not tell you what to wish for.  You are a very special individual (whether you currently feel that way or not).  You are unique with your own hopes, dreams and aspirations even if they appear faint right now.

Groovy Mums is tried and tested – it has helped people before.  There is no reason it can’t help you too.  It is a sign of strength to say that you could actually do with a bit of support and the input of other mums as you move forwards.

So how does it work?

Write a blog post about what your life is like now and more vitally how you would like it to change.  Don’t allow negative self-talk! Dream your wildest dreams.  You never know. What makes you so all-powerful that you just know things won’t work out?

It does not matter what the dream is.  When I started Groovy Mums years ago, going for a walk every day felt impossible as I was so low.  If you had said then that the journey would eventually see me crossing the Atlantic and working for BritMums I would have told you that you were mad.  Incredibly positive things can and do happen every day.  For some people that will be about going out a little bit more.  For others it will be about volunteering, employment, business, study or hobbies..  For all Groovy Mums, it will be about changing their own world.

I have realised that getting groovy is an ongoing journey and that it is important to celebrate every baby step as well as the bigger achievements.

Link up your blog post below or leave a comment telling me where to find it.  I will then promote it via my social networks and we can connect on Twitter using hashtag #groovymums

Don’t stress about getting the post “right” – just write it!

You may well be amazed at the amount of ideas, tips and support coming your way.

We will be holding regular Twitter parties too.  What times are best for that do you think?

Let’s get groovy!











11 thoughts on “Is 2014 the year you will get Groovy?”

  1. Last child goes back to school tomorrow. Have a few things that need to be done around the house and then big plans for Wednesday when I am off to the local cafe that has free internet. Fully intend sitting there all morning, possibly longer and getting to work on a list of plans I have made for this year.

    I’ll put this on my list to right a post for.

    What are your dreams Kate?

  2. Kate I think this is awesome and although I’m not completely sure my blog post is about getting groovy its certainly on the same track.

  3. Total newbie to this! Hope it worked and i look forward to making 2014 super groovy for postnatal depression awareness!!!

  4. Hi Kate – so glad to have Groovy Mums back. I’m needing to get back into the groove, with particular reference to my weight. Reckon I should be joining in with Wobbles Wednesday too! I’ve linked up my post 🙂

  5. Great idea Kate!
    My post is a reflection on my ‘old life’ and an announcement of what I’m doing now to get my groove back!! I’m looking forward to the future as a ‘Groovy Mum’!! Thanks for encouraging us all!

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