Is it ever OK to say that something is not good enough?

I try to be nice. It is how I was brought up and I am pleased about that. I try to support friends and family members. I have started to wonder recently if it is possible to be too nice. Is it ever OK to say that something is not good enough? I am not sure it is yet so as ever I use my blog as my sanctuary to get some feelings out.

Here are some things that I think are not good enough in my life.

Saying it is just the way you are

This is such a convenient get out clause for bad behaviour. People can  change so if you behave badly and hurt someone it is not OK to say that it is just the way you are. Or rather perhaps I can say that if that is the way you are I am not sure I want to be around you.

Not communicating information that I need to know

Sometimes I have lots of things to juggle so if there is information I need to know for my own financial and emotional wellbeing, please share it. I find I handle things better when I have information even if it is unwelcome information or means hard times are ahead.

Telling lies

My late mother always said she could handle anything except lies and I think I am the same. Don’t tell me you did not set up profiles on websites if you did. Don’t say you were not somewhere when you were. Don’t tell me time and distance prevented my brother seeing myself and my children when that is so clearly not true as that same (now dead) brother found time to travel the world during the very time he chose not to see me or my children. That’s fine by me but don’t abuse my intelligence by saying it was otherwise please.

Don’t claim to be a friend if the reality is you don’t want to see me again

Friends see each other perhaps not often but sometimes. Or that’s my definition of friendship anyway. There are so many people I would love to see again and through Facebook and so on you really start to think they would be the same but find out actually you just don’t matter to them that much. And that’s a shame. You will keep some because you love them anyway of course but friendship to me means sharing and ideally making new memories together.

So what is this post about? Perhaps I am moving on to a new place in my life where certain people are making me feel so very good about myself. Now I am less isolated, perhaps I am choosing to put up with less poor behaviours.  It seems I can have positive people in my world even if family members and old friends are not around for me.

Perhaps I am just entering a new chapter. A time when I look after myself more and focus on those who actually want to treat me well. Perhaps it is about time.

Is it ever OK to say something is not good enough? I guess the truth is we have to set our own standards of what is and what is not good enough. In fact it is all about being honest about that, communicating it and being a good friend to ourselves.

Don’t like what I have written? Oh sorry – it is just the way I am!

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8 thoughts on “Is it ever OK to say that something is not good enough?”

  1. You need to put you first in these situations lovely. I have moved away from people in the past who are negative and you do feel better. Is it ok! Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  2. I was nodding along too….I think you are being very fair.
    You have to put yourself first and keeping liars and people who aren’t really friends out your life is doing just that.
    I hope you are OK x #PoCoLo

  3. I love your honesty Kate. You are so right, why keep people in your life when they simply drain the life out of you. I have cut a few negative people out of my life and I’ve never been happier. You’re only here once so do what’s right for you and don’t let the buggers drag you down x

  4. I reflect a lot on relationships and friendships and i’ve made a lot of changes to my life in the past year. some people didn’t like the changes i’ve made, well it’s their loss #pocolo

  5. Totally love this post Kate. I can’t stand the excuse ‘Oh, that’s just what she’s like!’ It’s not acceptable at all and there is no excuse for crappy behaviour. I put up with this all to often! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales.

  6. I love what you have written and I think it’s so easy to feel this way and I hate it. If someone makes you feel this way it’s best to try to ignore the comment and not return the friendship (as hard as that may be). Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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