Is it time to put your best boot forward?


Is it time to put your best boot forward? Wouldn’t that be a fabulous way to start 2018 and keep the New Year positivity going right throughout the next year?


Best Boot Forward

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

Have you got lost as the individual you are  somewhere in the  mix of juggling responsibilities?

Do you feel there must be a little more in life for you?

Have you given up on your dreams?

Do you crave just a little time for yourself or perhaps you are the opposite and would like to make new friends?

Do you look in the mirror and an inner voice starts criticising how you look?

Would you just like a little support as you take on new things?


Who can join in with Best boot Forward?

You are welcome to join in with Best Boot Forward if you are a woman who wants to make changes in your life or is actually doing so. Consider it a peer support network or a band of sisters who have your back.

How you can join in?

Read the posts on Indigo Wilderness and Kate on thin ice for inspirational ideas  and challenges.

Engage on  social media with the hashtag #bestbootforward and don’t forget we love to see you over on Instagram.

Join our Facebook group

If you blog as some of us do, you can link up with  our weekly linky which goes live on Wednesdays


Are there any rules?

Look after yourself and have fun with Best Boot Froward.. It is high time you indulged in things you enjoy or take baby steps to shake things up a bit.  You are an individual so it might involve hobbies, work, time with friends, volunteering, learning, date nights or whatever floats your particular boat.

Please try your best to visit and comment on one or more of the other posts linked up. We are all busy but you can make a real difference and feel good about yourself too if you support others along the way.

Is It Time To Put Your Best Boot Forward?


The first linky goes live on Wednesday 3 January 2018.

Will you join us as we put our best boot forward?

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