Is it time to Spring into action as a Groovy Mum?

Is it  time to Spring into action as a Groovy Mum? Spring has arrived so let’s seize all those ideas of new life and get our groove back, take on new challenges or just ensure we are improving our present and working towards a great future.

Is It Time To Spring Into Action?

Welcome to the Groovy Mums linky!

You can find out all about the linky which really is all about you because you are great even if you don’t quite feel that way right now. Don’t forget to grab your badge from the top of my sidebar on the left.

What should I blog about this week?

Blog about what you would like to change in your life right here, right now. That could be delegating some of your load onto other people, taking up a new interest, returning to a old hobby or anything that makes sense to you as the awesome individual you are. We would love to get to know you better because you are not just a mum, just a wife/partner, just an employee or whatever labels apply.

Welcome to the fairground

I had a dream about a fairground the other night and have decided to use this to inspire you. Well either that or you will think I am just a little bonkers and you may well be right.

So if Shakespeare said life is a stage, I am telling you it is a fairground. It is an exciting place but the only issue is that you only have a limited time to enjoy it and nobody is going to tell you exactly how long. Which rides will you choose? What gambles will you take? Will you overcome your fears to take on the really scary stuff? Will you stop for some food and if so, what type of food and drink will you choose? You might be lucky and win a huge cuddly toy but what I do know is that you should prepare for some ups and downs.

You could of course choose not to go into the fairground entrance but where would the fun be in that?

This week’s challenges

Ask someone for support. Often we try so hard to be strong that we never find out all the help that might be available to us if only we would ask. If you can’t ask for it verbally, do it in writing.

Treat yourself – too many mums deny themselves as a habit whilst looking after everyone else’s needs. Treat yourself this week and if you want to share a picture or a video about that treat great or just keep it as your own guilty pleasure.

I am groovy too!

The truth is I do not feel very groovy today after work issues and also my medication not appearing at the pharmacy this morning. Both of these problems can teach  me something so I am trying to see them as gifts.

I will delegate some more household stuff to other members of the family.

I am going to treat myself to some time off this week. I drive myself too hard sometimes.

You see, every baby step should be celebrated and that’s all I feel up to today. Next week, it will be different but I wanted to get Groovy Mums up and running because someone out there needs it and that someone could be you who I might know already or who may well become a new online friend.

Feeling groovy?

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