Kratom Tea vs. Pill: Which is More Beneficial?

Kratom has a myriad of health benefits, and for those who prefer natural ways of managing health conditions, bulk kratom offers a superb option. Some of the actions of kratom include pain relief, anxiety management, mood enhancement, improving sexual performance, easing a cough, managing diabetes and high blood pressure, and treating opioid withdrawal.

These advantages are only achieved when the right amounts and kratom strains are used. Most people smoke kratom, take kratom pills or chew leaves for this euphoric effect. Since kratom causes euphoria, it is prone to abuse. Therefore, users should be cautious when using kratom as an inappropriate dose or form can have undesirable effects.

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Kratom exists in powder, dried leaves, tinctures, capsules, tablets, gum, and oil. Choosing the form to use might be challenging, and one needs to assess the onset of action, duration of action, and side effects of the different kratom forms before use.

The two most popular ways to use kratom are making Kratom tea, either in the morning or evening, or taking a kratom pill. The choice between the two is mostly by personal preferences, although each method has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the things you should know:

Kratom Tea

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Kratom tea is made by boiling or brewing dried kratom leaves then a suitable amount of sugar or any other sweetener is added depending on your taste and preferences. The other way is by adding kratom powder to hot water; the amount added depends on the intended use and the kratom strain. A low dose of below 5 grams brings about simulation, while higher doses above 5 grams help with anxiety disorders and make people calm and drowsy.

Benefits of Kratom Tea

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Making kratom tea part of the diet can help deal with opioid addiction. Most people with chronic pain use opioids to ease the discomfort and develop dependence. Opioid addicts experience withdrawal symptoms ranging from sweating, restlessness, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, and anxiety; most of these symptoms can disappear using kratom tea.

When taken in the morning, kratom tea supplies the immense body energy that keeps one powered throughout the day. Some people are allergic to other stimulants like coffee, thus kratom tea serves as a better option. Furthermore, it enhances the creative thinking process, balances hormones to boost mood, and keeps users optimistic and happy.

Taking kratom tea in the evening after a long day’s work can help someone relax. Kratom is a potent muscle relaxant and analgesic; therefore, it relaxes the body and mind and relieves any discomfort. In addition, kratom tea helps with sleeplessness by inducing and improving the general quality of sleep.

In general, kratom tea is mainly beneficial as a preventive measure for health conditions, although it can be a cure too. It is a cheaper method and quite easy to follow since most people take tea in the morning or evening.

Moreover, kratom tea is easy to make, and one can use it conveniently.

Risks and Side Effects of Kratom Tea

Kratom tea has different effects on different people, and some users have complained of dehydration, constipation, anorexia, nausea, and an increase in urination frequency. Kratom tea can have varied effects on people, and it is all about finding out what works for you.

Kratom Pill

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Kratom pills are processed forms of kratom and include capsules, tablets, and variants like caplets. Pills are easily swallowed and are easy to handle and store. Also, the kratom smell that may be unpleasant is masked using sweeteners during kratom pill manufacturing.

Advantages of Kratom Pill

The most important objective of the kratom pill is to control the dose when only specific effects are a target. For example, when the user only wants the stimulative properties of kratom, a low amount is necessary, which might mean taking only a 5-gram kratom tablet; when sedation and anxiety relief are the aims, two 5-gram tablets are taken.

Another benefit of the kratom pill is that it can be an alternative prescription for pain management for people with addictive tendencies. Kratom pills also manage chronic pain in people with opioid withdrawal.

In a study, 25 people using kratom capsules gave positive comments, a simple dose of kratom capsule relieved pain in conditions like herniated disc, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and fibromyalgia. These results show that controlled kratom use in managing chronic health conditions is much easier than using kratom pills.

Side Effects of Kratom Pills

The major disadvantage of kratom pills is the risk of inappropriate use. Adverse effects like weight loss, liver damage, nausea, xerostomia, and chills may occur when users do not follow prescriptions.

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Also, Kratom pills do not provide immediate effects compared to kratom tea since fast absorption of kratom occurs when kratom powder is taken in tea. Therefore, kratom pills are not a good option for managing acute pain in emergencies like accidents.


There is no right or wrong form of kratom to use, and one should understand the benefits of all the kratom forms and choose one that works for them. Kratom tea is helpful when needing instant pain relief, but the dosage is not easy to control, and adverse side effects may occur. On the other hand, kratom pills are easy to swallow, handle, and store but are not good for emergencies.















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