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I am starting a weekly linky where I blog about learning at home and encourage others to do the same. This is open to any parent blogger those who have pre-schoolers, those who have children in school and those who home-educate.

learning at home

I am currently home-educating my 9 year old son and 10 year old daughter. My 14 year old son attends a local secondary school. As he starts working out what he wants to focus on in the future, I hope to support him more with his learning at home at weekends and in the evenings.

I have come up with some questions to help me structure my posts but you should feel free to link up any post related to learning at home and in its widest sense too (cookery, arts and crafts, gardening, literacy, numeracy, ICT< history, science, design, life lessons, languages, music, religions and more) 1. How we are feeling?

My daughter is feeling enthusiastic about learning at home. My youngest son is happy and varies between very keen and not at all interested in learning. I am very slowly learning to relax and to let our days take their course but find I do need to do some planning or I get very anxious. My son who is at school is enjoying debating issues with us.

2. What have I enjoyed most this week?

I like Maths Antics and find I am getting to grips with the mathematical bits I previously struggled to understand. I really enjoyed today where my daughter went on Scratch and designed a project to capture our learning about circles. During this she presented the idea of Scratch to me so well, played music, laughed and even got me dancing. I need to get my head round all this coding stuff.

3. What has my daughter enjoyed most this week?

My daughter continues to enjoy art most of all.

4. What has my son enjoyed most his week?

My son has got very passionate about Iceland so we are using that as a hook to learn about geography, history, art, music and more.

5. What is my daughter’s proudest achievement this week?

She says being awesome and considering the damage her previous school did to her mental well-being, this is lovely to hear.

6. What is my son’s proudest achievement?

Creating things on Minecraft.

7. What are our challenges?

I am now feeling fine about home-educating my daughter as she is keen to get involved and to try ideas. My son is more strong-willed and more challenging as he knows exactly what he wants to do but I want to broaden his horizons and ensure he is equipped for a positive future.

8. What resources have we found particularly helpful this week?

Science Museum – they have games which engage both my son and daughter.

Natural History Museum – we have plans to build a bee hotel!

Maths Antics


A very affordable chest from Argos with lots of craft supplies in it.

9. Top outing of the week

A trip to the local town.

10. What are some of our plans for the next week?

We are going to look into nutrition and look at potential sugar swaps via Change4Life.

We are going to take part in the RSPB Garden Birdwatch

We are going to ensure time is spent on literacy and numeracy everyday.

We are going to do a good week or two looking at rivers for geography and will back this up with music and poems too.

I do hope you share your learning at home because I think a real truth is that we can all be inspired by and learn from each other.

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  1. Love the idea of this Linky and your weekly updates Kate! It sounds like you’re getting so well with home education, and seen a remarkable turnaround in your daughter. As I’ve mentioned before I’m currently sitting on the fence about home ed for several reasons. I’ll be avidly following your journey 🙂

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