Lent and back to Wobbles Wednesday

Lent starts today and amazingly there was some coverage on programmes like Daybreak.

I listened to a priest effectively telling us that it is not about giving up chocolate but about facing our own mortality. To be honest, since I lost my parents I am all too aware that life is much shorter than I ever worked out before.

Ash Wednesday – Mum would go to church and then onto bingo always convinced the ashes on her forehead added to her good luck. Being her, it usually did. Faith moves mountains and bingo balls it seemed.

Yesterday, I had a really awful dizzy spell on the afternoon school run. It felt like I was going to pass out and I had no confidence in making the 5 minute journey home. The children were wonderful stroking me as we went along and then my teenager wrapping me up in a duvet and blankets when I got back home.

Today, my leg felt like it was letting me down.

Sometimes we need any excuse or reason to get back to healthy eating.

I am an emotional over-eater and recent months have seen me engaging in self-destructive eating patterns. There have been a lot of visits to town for bags of chips and Cornish pasties and pastries.

It is Lent.

My health is a bit hit and miss.

It is time to take action.

So I am wobbling my way back this Wednesday.

I have eaten a lot today but all healthy stuff – porridge, eggs, cereal. I intend to have a vegetable stir-fry tonight.

The children are having baked potatoes with tuna and beans on the side.

I have stocked up via internet shopping on a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Wish me luck not for the bingo but for wobbling my way back to health and fitness.

5 thoughts on “Lent and back to Wobbles Wednesday”

  1. My husband listed what he was giving up for lent yesterday, while casting an eye over my ‘not exactly washboard’ stomach. I think that was my cue. I’ve given up crisps (which I love). After losing 5lb during dryathlon, then putting it all back on in February, I too am hoping to be less wobbly! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Welcome back Kate, I am def an emotional eater so totally understand your need for a break. You sound positive and that is brill, thanks for linking up 🙂

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