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Life coaching can radically change your life

There used to be a cynicism about life coaching as a profession. I think that has changed in recent years and I believe that to be a good thing. We have coaches for sport and in the workplace. How amazing to work with someone who takes a holistic approach looking at the issues that might be holding you back in various areas of your life. Life coaching can radically change your life as Melissa from The Delicious Nutrionist explains in the following article.

Melissa Kuman

“My name is Melissa Kuman, I am a Registered associate nutritionist, life coach and NLP practitioner. I believe everyone deserves to be the healthiest and most confident version of themselves. So I empower transformation by leading with NLP techniques, evidence based nutrition and powerful questions.

Life coaching and other services

My services include bespoke meal plans and nutrition advice, life coaching and fast phobia cure. All of them are aimed at giving clients more choice in life. Life coaching is all about guiding someone to their full potential by acting as a mirror reflecting back what they say so they can get their goals faster. Together we will explore your values and goals, looking at your life as it is now and how you’d like it to be in the future, so you can create the life you want.

You may be looking for greater happiness in any area of your life I provide motivation, clarity and a form of accountability as you take action toward a more fulfilling life.

A lifelong vocation

I am a coach as I believe that my meaning in life is to help people develop and be the best possible version of themselves. Since I was a child I have always been interested in personal development for myself and others. I remember at school when my best friend had low self esteem and it broke my heart that she didn’t believe in herself.

I really enjoy reading about confidence, I think it is fascinating how we can actually achieve almost anything we want in our lives but we have to believe in ourselves to do so. I have grown up in a supportive, loving family and I think that has helped my confidence and now I just want others to fulfil their potential

Life coaching style

I use a traditional coaching style in my life coaching session, which involves me listening, and asking questions, encouraging the client to find answers to their issues and problems. I draw on my expertise in psychological theories to offer the best tools to support the client. I aim to rid clients of any limiting beliefs that hold them back in life.

Some of the topics I help people with are weight loss, gut health and career progression

Coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face or over the telephone. They usually last for about one hour and are completely confidential.”

Would you like a life coaching session?

Life Coaching

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