Living At Home During A Building Project
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Living At Home During a Building Project

Living at home during  a major building project is no mean feat! In an ideal world  you would whisk your family off to warmer climes, returning home to a new shiny extension. Building work has a tendency to take what feels like forever, so it isn’t always convenient to move out for a few months. You also need to consider work and school commitments.

Unless you have employed a site project manager to make decisions for you, it is important to be around to instruct tradespeople where you want your plug sockets situating etc. Your only feasible option is to live on site whilst the work takes place. Try to visualise the end result to provide your family with the motivation to persevere, you could even imagine the whole process as a strange kind of camping trip, especially useful for when the roof of your home becomes little more than tarpaulin!

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With a little creativity living at home during major works is doable.

Prepare a plan for living at home during a building project

Communicate with builders to try and get a detailed schedule of works. This will enable you to plan which rooms you will have access to and when. Cooking facilities will be a consideration if your kitchen is involved, as well as bathroom facilities. If the work is going to be taking place in the middle of winter, will the heating be off for long periods of time? By having a clear plan you will be able to create contingency plans for days when being at home will be impossible.Communication is key.

Consider the space you have available

During the construction process it is likely that the space you have available will be restricted. You may need to clear rooms of bulky furniture so that you can create a temporary area for cooking and storage. To help with the moving of bulky items you could consider hiring the assistance of a man with a van as located in shiply. You could then store the items in a self storage in London until the building work is complete.

If you have pets, the comings and goings of different contactors and noise could be potentially stressful for them, especially if have dogs and cats. It may be worth looking at kennel facilities or looking at alternative places for them to stay such as with family and friends.

Have a contingency plan

There may be occasions when the work becomes unbearable, it is therefore a good idea to have a back up plan for when the going gets too tough. If you experience a total lack of power or we hit a particularly cold snap, your best option would be to move out for a few days. You could consider staying with family and friends, renting a cottage or getting a room in a hotel for a few nights. This will give your family a chance to recuperate.

If your property is large enough you could site a caravan on your land to live in whilst the work takes place. At least you will have somewhere to retreat to. It could even be quite exciting – for a short time!

Do you have tips for living at home during a building project to share with my readers?

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  • Kirsty

    This is so timely for us as we have been having the can we stay at home during the build debate. I think you are right it is the only way. I am most nervous about the effects it will have on the cats, but having them stuck at a cattery for ages doesn’t seem like fun for them either. It is so difficult. #thatfridaylinky

  • Nige

    I’m sure it’s difficult but manageable with a plan interesting read Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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