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I have had a good week on the healthy eating front.

The things I have found helpful are as follows …

1. Peer support from blogger and twitter folks especially the #mumentum women

2. My love for smoked salmon as you can have lots for very few calories

3. Weightwatchers products including their bread which is about half the calories of normal bread and also the odd ready meal

4. 1 per cent fat milk acquired at the Co-operative supermarket

5. Low fat and very tasty soups again from the Co-operative supermarket. Both the carrot and coriander and the leek and potato come highly recommeded by myself.

6. Diet coke with a citrus twist which makes it feel more like having a alcoholic drink without the alcohol.

My only sin of the week was a chicken burger and chips when I dined out with my Dad on Friday. This is a tough one as he likes to go to a fish and chip restaurant every Friday and there are no low-calorie options on the menu. I think Dad would feel uncomfy if I just sat there drinking without eating so Friday is a bit troublesome on the healthy eating front.

Now due to my various experiments with weighing scales last week, I am not sure how much I have lost this week. There is a lesson in this. Weigh yourself on one pair of scales at the same time each week and stick to that.

So I think I have lost 0.7 pounds this week. A little disappointing after such a good week but perhaps this is an indication that I need to get more active. I keep saying I will go walking or do the Wii Fit and then not doing so. This is not good enough and I resolve to report back on doing some real exercise next week.

Still, a loss is a loss and I am heading in the right direction.

Current Weight = 223.7 pounds

I am writing it down here however embarrassing that figure is and then I can’t pretend it is not true.

Wishing all fellow #mumentum ladies a wonderful week and anyone else who is trying to shift the pounds.

4 thoughts on “Losing Weight – Mumentum”

  1. Well done Kate, and don’t be hard on yourself on a Friday, a little break won’t ruin everything and will give you something to look forward to each week! I find that upping the protein and lowering the carb intake helps enormously although gets a little expensive!

  2. Hi, a tip on your Friday dilemma… Don’t worry about one bad meal but if you want to feel better about it eat just a fist sized portion of chips and skip the bread on the bun. Your body won’t use all those carbs before bed, so best not to eat them all but your still eating something. For me success is moderation, not the ability to give something up completely. Good luck on your journey… It’s hard work but wow its such an achievement at the end.

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