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It is Monday morning which means it is the day I weigh in.

Last week, I hit one of those annoying weeks where I lost nothing and stayed the same. So this week I had to dig deep to stay motivated and on track.

Things that helped this week included …

1. Finding a new product in the Co-operative. Smoked Salmon Trimmings for just over £1. They taste exactly the same as the smoked salmon packs that cost anything between £3 and £5. Result as I love smoked salmon. T

2. Finding low calorie and high carbs food in Marks and Spencer outlet at a service station when out on the road. Travelling is one of those danger spots I find where you just might give in to a burger so thanks M and S for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

3. Weightwatchers bread although there is quite a difference in calories between white and brown so I try to stick with the brown.

I have now hit the point in the weight loss where I can actually feel where it is coming off. I would love to say it is my tummy but for now, it seems to be coming off my legs mainly. I keep feeling air and space in my trousers where there was none before. However, some must be coming off my midriff too as I keep noticing when I go to the loo, I don’t always have to undo buttons and zips but can just pull them down and up. I know this is way too much information but it does prove I am losing weight. In fact, on Saturday, I spent the whole day pulling up my jeans that were falling down revealing my stretchmarks the nation.

I have a bag of clothes in a lower size at the side of my bed just waiting for the day when I can get into them.

The great news is that I have lost just over 2 pounds this week. Even in a week where I had fish and chips, a takeaway and a tipple or six.

It seems it is what you do most of the time that makes the difference.

Great boost at the start of the week and I have gone down to 15 stone something. I know this is still huge but it is way better than 16 stone something. Here’s to me for doing so well.

222 pounds and losing. Hope you see less of me next week.

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  1. Brilliant, Kate! Well done for not giving up on a difficult week and digging in anew and just doing it. I found myself nodding along to much of what you said. I’ve got a bit more space now round my middle, where my elbows are if my arms are at my sides. They can move around a bit easier, which is a good feeling. Air and space – nothing like it! Have just been for first hypnosis session to deal with my sugar devil so hoping only for further improvements. Every pound will make a difference! Keep at it, you’re doing briliantly! Polly

  2. Well done you! It sounds like you’re making progress and learning some useful tricks to keep on making progress

    M&S is a very useful shop to have in motorway service stations isn’t it? Waitrose good too.

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