Losing Weight Or Not As The Case May Be – #Mumentum

I jumped on the scales this morning which is now my Monday morning routine. Had I lost weight? Nope.

I have had a good week on the whole sticking to the healthy eating plan.

I did have my Friday fish and chips splurge with my Dad. It is difficult to handle this one as there are no low calorie options on the menu and Dad would feel uncomfy eating if I just had a drink.

I have also indulged in a alcoholic drink or two for 3 nights this week. I am stopping that again and felt better without it. What led me to drink was tension after a children’s Magic Show. Seems I am an emotional drinker as well as an emotional eater.

On the really good side, instead of staring at the Wii, I actually did a couple of sessions of Wii Fit. The first one almost killed me and all to “earn” 30 calories. However, once I had stopped shouting about my Wii Fit age and being defined as obese, I did enjoy it especially getting into a rhythm and becoming familiar with the exercises. Another lovely thing is how proud my children are of me for tackling my weight.

I had an argument with Him Indoors about his lack of support. His idea of support is going and buying in lots of my favourite healthy food whereas what I need are the right words of encouragement from him. He does care but he is never particularly great at expressing his feelings. Also, I think he genuninely does not care for himself what weight I am which I guess is a good thing.

So my weight remains at 224 pounds.

Having said that, it is the time of the month and apparently I may be retaining water so we will see what next week brings.

Whatever happens, I am sticking with it.

Thanks again for all the supportive comments which really help me stay on track. The reality is that in 4 weeks, I have lost ten pounds so have every reason to be proud of myself.

3 thoughts on “Losing Weight Or Not As The Case May Be – #Mumentum”

  1. Don’t worry about the ‘plateau’ it’s perfectly acceptable, in fact its great to know that you can drink and enjoy a lovely comfort meal without putting any weight on : )
    Don’t worry about the hubby, he’s trying in his own way which is great! Mine also likes me ‘curvy’ and doesn’t understand why I need and want to shed the pounds.
    Been toying with the idea of a Wii Fit, would you recommend it!?

  2. Wow well done, 10 pounds is really good, I’ve been doing Slimming world and have lost 7 lbs in 4 weeks, which I am really pleased with too. So you are not alone, keep going, slowly does it and it will stay off longer too!!! xx

  3. Oh my God – 10 pounds in 4 weeks – you are a legend.

    I set up my old blog (Liska Life) as a weight loss blog with the intention of losing weight before getting pregnant and I lost nothing and since running Mumentum have lost nothing.
    I actually lost a lot of weight while pregnant, because I ate healthily for the sake of the baby (who is now Aaron). I know I did, because when my jeans are all in the wash, I ocassionally wear maternity jeans and whereas they were baggy on the legs when pregnant, they are tight now…… oh dear…….
    Anyway, a massive well done to you.

    Sorry I have opened up the linky late again, but it is live and open now.

    Next week I promise to do it on Sunday (like I used to).

    I promised I would this week, but Aaron was very sick last night (vomited a total of 5 times) so we got through 3 sets of PJs each, and a duvet, but luckily he was back to his old self this morning.

    Liska xxx

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