Losing weight – why do I struggle to do it?

Losing weight – why do I struggle to do it?

I know how to. I have lost stones and stones in the past.

I am returning to Wobbles Wednesday the linky which I established months ago and is now in the very capable hands of @AutismMumma. Putting on size 22 trousers yesterday and having to really pull to do them up shows I need to get back on track.

I am an emotional eater so as soon as my husband got news of his redundancy last May, the weight piled back on. I was furious as I had made such strides in losing a lot and feel it is just another thing that the Royal British Legion took away from us.

Let’s focus on the positives

1. I know how to lose weight

2. There is a local Slimming World group which will help me shed the pounds and meet new people too.

3. I walk nearly 3 miles per day on the school run so must be getting fitter.

4. I did a big online shop and stocked up on lots of fruit,vegetables and fish.

Here are my current challenges

1. I bought biscuits for the children and the tin keeps screaming at me from the cupboard. It would be rude to ignore it.

2. I go to the shop after school and buy a sarnie that I don’t need plus chocolate too sometimes. This needs to stop.

So I am back to #WobblesWednesday and about time too.

Wish me luch.

5 thoughts on “Losing weight – why do I struggle to do it?”

  1. I lost 3 stone last year with slimming world but stopped going, I was managing to lose or maintain most weeks but I know despite not weighing myself that I have put weight on in the last week, bad eating habits like skipping breakfast & sometimes lunch before eating like crap have crept back in. As soon as we come back from holiday on the 15th I’m going to start again, drink more water, watch my healthy a & b’s & keep a food diary. I’m naturally lazy so I’m going to start off by walking more & although the school run is a short one, I’m going to do it faster.
    Keep up making the small steps that make a difference!

  2. Welcome back honey, just as I’m leaving for a while! (btw the link didn’t work from Autismmumma’s inlinks).

    Get to the Slimming World, it really will do you some good lovely lady xx

  3. I’m just like you, an emotional eater. Boredom does it too! I like that you focus on the positives.i think I might have to join you on this journey

  4. Do the 5:2. Diets only work while you’re on them. 5:2 is sustainable as you only calorie restrict (500 cals) 2 non consecutive days a week, so you only suffer one day at a time. I’ve been doing it off (not when on holiday, nor when I’m ill) & on since end of Jan 2012 lost 1.5 stone & have maintained, only need to lose a further half stone. It is a slow way of doing it. BUT on this way of eating, you do 6:1 for LIFE to maintain. It’s hard at first but once you get used with it (best to do it on busy days) it doesn’t bother me cooking other stuff for hubbie nor feeding grandchildren even when eldest teases me with food 🙂

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