Lost bank card and how to protect yourself

I have a lost bank card. It has gone off on some adventure and at first I did not realise it was missing. My purse has a broken hinge and kept popping open. I knew this was an issue but instead of moving everything into another purse that I had upstairs, I was silly.

lost bank card

I went to my purse this morning and my bank card was missing. Bank cards are like gas, electricity and water, taken for granted until they don’t exist any more. Perhaps my bank card was feeling unappreciated and went in search of a more loving  owner.

I retraced my steps and visited several shops  and a cafe to see if I could find it.

I tried cancelling the card but initially had problems as the bank was experiencing  technical difficulties. You and me both mate!

When I finally got through to the bank a lovely woman called Zoe helped ensure the card got cancelled and ordered me a new one.

Facebook friends told me I should have cancelled it immediately but of course I would lose the card on a day when the banks are closed!

Of course, with the right care I would not have lost it in the first place and here are some quick tips so you don’t lose yours.

  1. Ensure the purse or wallet you are carrying the card in is secure.
  2. Keep an eye on  your card and have it in sight or at least the place you keep it in sight.
  3. Never write down PIN numbers. It is tempting but it is silly and keep PINS secret from family and friends too.
  4. Have an emergency cash account and leave the card for that at home until you lose your first card which you won’t because you are not as daft as me.
  5. Ensure your card is signed as soon as you get it. Don’t make life easier for potential thieves.
  6. Have lost card numbers readily to hand or check the internet site for the bank which will give you the  number

Of course knowing my luck the lost bank card will now be found but it is not worth taking the risk of it being misused. Cancel your cards as soon as you know they are missing.

If you need money advice generally, check out the Money Advice Service. I have also written about modern money concerns and how to handle them.

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