Charity shopping

I love charity shopping.

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Saturday saw me at the hospice shop. Pricing seemed a little weird with some things going for a song and some priced up at more than they would have been new.

Some lovely orange and lavender scented incense cones from Ashleigh and Burwood 50p

An academic diary and pen set – £1 new in box

A Bratz pencil case – 50 pence

A Frustration Game – £1 and in new condition

A folding file thing so I can organise my paperwork – £1

Photographs will follow tonight but my camera is currently out of batteries so check back later.

Things I was tempted by included some old-fashioned weights and scales for £12. Might pop back for that later in the week.

There was also a size 38G Katie Price brand new bra for £2.50. I keep toying with the idea of selling on ebay and wondered if this might make a good start. I did not buy it but did some research. The trouble was I spied a bra and knickers set in my size and then made the mistake of looking at the seller's other items which were all lovely and all in my size. So my plan to invest £2.50 with a view to making a profit very almost resulted in a £50 loss straightaway!

On the pricing thing, it is important for charity shops to get these things right as later in the day, we visited a Yorkshire Trader store where they had brand new toys for really cheap prices.

This was in Whitby where I spied a Magpie Cafe with a huge queue outside and a Magpie Kitchenware Shop. Made me think of the regular Magpie Monday-ers.

Of course, the best bargains of all are the freebies. A couple of weeks ago, we collected Angel our hamster with a cage via the Netmums website. I understand they do not accept pet adverts anymore but it might be worth pet-seekers looking at Pets4Homes, Preloved or Gumtree.

Tomorrow night, again via Netmums I am picking up a bundle of ladieswear in my size.

Last week, again via Netmums, I picked up 7 pairs of school trousers and a load of school shirts for £20.

So a very mixed bag for you this week and I look forward to sharing the pictures later.

Love from the Striking Mum x

5 thoughts on “Charity shopping”

  1. Ohhh. I’d grab the scales too. I picked up a set at a bootsale earlier in the year and got hubby to do a makeover. They went from a rather scabby cream to red and cream. He even made over the weights too bless him. The incense cones sound wonderful. I love the smell of orange

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for popping over to see my Magpie Monday yesterday! 🙂

    I can’t believe you picked up Frustration for £1 – that’s brilliant! It was a favourite of mine growing up – doesn’t lose it’s appeal either lol

    Jem xXx

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