Make Every Moment Count

Make every moment count with Families Online

Make every moment count!

Families online have launched an exciting campaign called Every Moment Counts, in an effort to bring families together and treasure those ‘special moments’.

Make every moment count together

When you have teenagers and a tween getting them to do things together is not always easy. One thing that always works well is to get them outside in the fresh air to enjoy nature. Here they are with my daughter working the camera, my 16 year old giving off a “Do I have to?” pose and my other son finding it hard to keep still before his next adventure.




I could post us baking in my Mum’s mixing bowl or share our game of bowls this week – both of these would fit the theme of tradition. Instead, I have posted a less than perfect picture of me and my youngest children. It won’t win any awards for photography but it struck me that all too often I shy away from having my photo taken filled with insecurities about my greying hair, my weight and so on. But if I was not in this picture, we wouldn’t have had such giggles so Mum should always be in the picture!


You have heard of one man and his dog but this is one boy and his dog. The love spending time together and my son is helping to train our new addition. When you have pets there is always laughter and they contribute so much to family moments.

3 things

I asked my 16 year old son what makes special family moments and he named 3 things – a squishy sofa, a dog to cuddle and a real fire. Here he is enjoying his favourite things.

Little Hearts, Big Love


My purchase of the week is my bright red spotted tablecloth. We love eating and conversing around the kitchen table but experience tells me that our various activities there can result in a lot of mess so a wipe-down cloth makes Mum happy and the colour brightens our day.


In the  business of life and juggling it all, it is rare to actually be able to have space to stand back and savour the moment of loving your family. I took this photo on a family walk in the countryside. It makes me smile with my 13 year old striding off independently, my son pretending he does not know I am taking a photograph and my husband spending quality time with his children.


We considered various options for our reflection photo including a visit to a lake and mirror play. In the end my 11 year old son said he liked to reflect in special places where you can go off and just have a good old think. So we went to the forest and he struck a pose!

You can take part in the #EveryMomentCounts photo challenge too

If you fancy taking part in the challenge too, simply tag @familiesuk in your posts, tweets or photos and use the hashtag #EveryMomentCounts for your chance to be featured on their website

With thanks to Families Online for inviting us to take part in this challenge.

How do you create your special memories and ensure you make every moment count?


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  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    This is such a good idea for capturing family moments. That photo of you all having fun together is lovely. I love your son’s list of the things that make family moments special – it sounds like he loves cosy moments. Thank you for sharing with #ftmob 🙂

  • Paola

    Loved this post! We also spend time together in simple ways, especially outside. You don’t need to go great lengths to be together and make memories. I also like the idea of creating family traditions, that’s a very important point.

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    What a great idea for a challenge. I’m guilty of avoiding being in photos too but then I’m always disappointed when I look back through photos from holidays and special occasions it’s like I’m not even there.
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

  • Catie: An Imperfect Mum

    I love this idea and I am totally with you. Getting out into nature is always a winner for us and gives us quality family time. I’d love to join the challenge. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

  • mackenzie glanville

    it is easy when we don’t feel great about our appearance to shy away from photos, but our children love us and want to look back and remember the real moments, the family moments. Gorgeous post! Thank you so much for sharing this with us for #ablogginggoodtime Just to let you know that sadly Catie (Spectrum Mum) will no longer be a co-host for #ablooginggoodtime, we will have a new co-host this Thursday and you can still link up through Katie or myself Thanks, love Mackenzie

  • Sarah

    What a fantastic idea for a campaign. I totally agree pictures with us in are so important, I used to shy away from photos so much but i have forced myself to be in them a lot more recently and I am so glad I have as they already love looking back at our photos! Thanks for linking this to #thursdayteam

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    Sounds like a great campaign and what a great collection of photos. I’m like you and always avoid being in photos but when I looked back through all our photos recently and realised just how few there were of me with the kids it made me really sad so I’m trying my hardest to get over my camera aversion.
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

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