Making An Eco Difference In 2021 

It is no secret that we all need to take steps to look after our planet. The issue of global warming has been well documented over the past few years. Businesses are traditionally responsible for emitting a lot of carbon footprint. Now, it is your duty to ensure you take steps to be greener with your processes. No matter whether you run a big company or you work from home and you run a one-man band, you need to make a dedicated effort to reducing your carbon footprint. It is something we are all responsible for. That is what this post is here to help you with. Read on for some quality tips on how to become a more environmentally friendly business…

Use Eco-Friendly Materials – We’ve been recycling for decades now, but you’d be surprised how little actually gets recycled. A lot ends up being burned or sneakily dumped into landfills. That’s why lots of companies are reconsidering the materials they use – from changing to eco-friendly packaging suppliers from Impacked Packaging to acquiring office supplies made from recycled materials instead of plastic. Cutting down on plastic use and switching to more eco-friendly alternatives can help reduce your impact on the environment more than recycling can.

Turn Off and Unplug – Let’s start with one of the most obvious pieces of advice. Whilst turning off and unplugging your computers and alike may be an evident practice to enforce, very few companies actually do it. You will find that a significant number of businesses merely put their computers on standby instead of actually turning them off altogether. This is wasting a significant amount of unnecessary energy. Not only will you reduce your consumption of energy by following this piece of advice, but you will also notice that your electricity bills reduce in cost as well. The problem with changes like this is that people often assume that they are so insignificant they won’t make a difference, but you would be surprised. 

Expand Your Knowledge – In order to be a more eco-friendly company, you are going to need to make a dedicated effort to expand your knowledge and keep up to date with everything that is going on in the realm of recycling and the environment. All it takes is to dedicate a few minutes every morning to reading a news story or feature. 

Change Printing Habits – One of the biggest wastes at any business is paper. Only print things that need to be printed. Nowadays, most things can be saved electronically, and this is usually much more efficient as well. Instead of printing out all your emails, why not make your inbox more organized? This will benefit you in terms of productivity as well as being more environmentally friendly. 

Travel Management Companies – Do you engage in frequent corporate travel? If so, this tip is ideal for you. Traveling causes a significant amount of pollution. Of course, you cannot abandon your travel plans. However, the best travel management companies nowadays help you to be more environmentally friendly. They will tell you how much carbon you are going to emit on the journey you have in mind. They will also then present you with routes that are going to emit less carbon footprint to give you travel options that are friendlier to the environment. 

Make Small Changes to your Offices – You don’t have to spend a lot to be more energy efficient. This can be anything from switching to energy efficient light bulbs, using strip LED lights, carrying out maintenance on your central heating systems, upgrading your windows and investing in good blinds. You will be shocked by how little changes like this can actually make a massive difference. 

Monitor your Progress – Last but not least, the only way you will continue to reduce your carbon footprint is if you continue to monitor your progress. How are you supposed to improve if you have no idea regarding how green your company is at present? 

If you take note of the five tips that have been mentioned in this article you are assured to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Not only will this be beneficial for the environment, but also it will boost your reputation substantially as well. So, be more economical with paper, turn your plugs off, make savvy changes, use a travel management company, and continually assess your progress. Plus, don’t forget to use this to your advantage by incorporating your eco-efforts into your branding plan. This is a great way to get your customers online and build loyal relationships!


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