MenSwear By Charity Shops

A strange week on the bargain-hunting front with me actually spending dosh on Him Indoors instead of myself or the children.

Do you like the title of this post by the way? I once worked/volunteered for Oxfam’s Trading Division as a Regional Media Coordinator. They had a big menswear promotion on one time and I had to promote menswear in the regional print and broadcast media. Whilst on the bus in Oxford, I passed a tailor’s shop. In old-fashioned gold letters, I saw the word “menswear” on the window whilst the bus was stuck in a traffic jam. I studied the word and suddenly the words “Men Swear By Oxfam” sprang into my mind. I used this in regional promotions and the Marketing Manager at Oxfam’s HQ went mad saying my slogan was so much better than their “Oxfam for Men”. Regrettably, the fascias and posters were already done so I did not see my name in national lights.

Anyway, I digress as usual.

I went to the bigger town near us with my Dad the other day and bought two books. One was about giving up smoking which Him Indoors says he wants to do. It was £1.50, was brand new and in the wrapping and included 2 CDS.

Then there was a book on psoriasis. Him Indoors suffers this condition badly and it impacts adversely on all of us in various ways. I am hoping this book will help me understand the whole thing much better. If it does, it will be £1.50 well spent.

On Friday, I went in for my usual fish and chip lunch with my Dad in our local town. It is market day too although there is only really a plant stall, a fish stall and a bric-a-brac stall. Not what I call a market but then I was brought up a mile away from the world famous Dewsbury market.

Anyway, I had a look at the bric a brac stall and saw a man’s suit hung up behind the stall. It was Marks and Spencers and I was almost sure it was Him Indoor’s size. I do not have a mobile phone currently so was unsure what to do, whether to buy it or leave it. In the end, as it was only a tenner I took it home. I am pleased to report it fitted perfectly.

Well, if Him Indoors is going to look the part at work, he might as well have a desk set too. I just liked the look of this and snapped it up for £3.

When I showed it to my Dad, I said “I did not really want or need it and no does Him Indoors but it was too nice to leave”. As I said it, I sounded so like my late Mum justifying a totally impulsive purchase.

7 thoughts on “MenSwear By Charity Shops”

  1. I scour the charity shops when I want or need anything for the house, school or going out. I rarely buy clothes for hubby but I do get him books and the odd kitchen appliance from them and he’s always amazed at how little I spend.

  2. I’m in Batley!! I love Dewsbury market on a Friday (all secondhand) and me and my 5 year old are charity shop obsessed – she loves handbags of any description and I love to get curtains or clothes that don’t necessarily fit but love the fabric then I make quilts cushion covers or rag rugs. Made DH a lovely ipod case from fabric from a pair of charity shop curtains!

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