Moving house on a budget successfully

Moving house on a budget is perfectly possible. This is good news at all times but perhaps especially now with so many house moves on hold until the Coronavirus crisis is over. Not only are individuals and families frustrated by delays to getting to a nice home but also so many are facing financial issues when unable to continue safely with their jobs or self-employment right now. So looking forward to the days ahead when future plans can become a reality, here are some tips on what to think about when you are moving house on a budget.

Find a great removal firm

It can be tempting to try to move home without a removal company. I would urge caution on this front. I have done this myself. Too often the van someone said they would lend you does not turn up. Friends who said they would be there to help turn up late when you are working to tight deadlines. Sometimes they only announce on the day that  they can only help for a hour or two when you need them for most of the day.  Take my advice and book some affordable removers in London or find a man and van in London and make your relocation simpler.

Save on furniture costs

When we move we might need loads of furniture or just a few items. At an expensive time it is a great idea to check out ways so save money as you move house on a budget. Charities like the  British Heart Foundation and the Salvation Army have some great furniture stores where you can find affordable items at knockdown prices.  Do not be too proud to take advantage of sites like Freecycle and Freegle. You are usually doing the giver a huge favour by taking away their unwanted goods.

Switch energy suppliers

This is a great time to find out if you can save money by switching energy suppliers. You will often find you can save £100 or more by simply taking a few minutes to get yourself off energy providers’ standard tariffs. It should go without saying that you should take the meter readings as soon as you enter your new home. You don’t want to find yourself paying for the previous  owner or tenant’s usage. The Money Saving Expert website has helpful information on switching energy suppliers.

Pack a picnic

This might seem a bit random but it is all too easy to spend way too much on moving day or even the whole week after moving home on drinks and food. Takeaways these days are far from cheap. Pack a cool box with some goodies of the cheap and cheerful variety instead. You do need to take regular breaks and keep hydrated on moving day. You want to be in a fit state to enjoy your new pad on your first night in it. If you have a good support network of friends or family members, perhaps someone can cook a meal for you a their place on moving day itself or drop off a casserole that you can just warm up.

Increase your income

This is a very good time to do a full money makeover. So many welfare benefits and grants go unclaimed. Take a good look at a website such as Turn2Us to ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to. You might also want to consider initiatives like the Rent a Room Scheme.

If you start your time in your new home with the right finances in place, you will be that much happier in it.

Do you have any tips on moving house on a budget to share with my readers?


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