Adults Only Escape

My Adults Only Escape with a log cabin

My Adults Only Escape is a little fantasy of mine when it all gets too much. I grew up as an only child in a way despite having much older brothers and I can feel overwhelmed with too many people around sometimes. There are days where the housework seems never-ending and the noise gets on my nerves and I seek out solitude but that is difficult with a husband and 3 children.

I would love somewhere not too far away that was just for me possibly a log cabin at the end of the garden.

So today I am sharing my fantasy escape with you based on that lovely song from My Fair Lady because I am far more likely to be a fair lady when I have had a little me time. Now let’s share some of my favourite interior styles with you.

So if all I want is a room somewhere, it would have to include an enormous chair and I think I would go with a very traditional leather wingback chair.

How often do you buy yourself a foodie treat only for it to disappear? It happens a lot here so in my secret hideaway I will have lots of chocolates for me to eat. In fact, I will choose Terry’s All Gold in memory of my Mum.

Actually, let’s go wild and add in a scrumptious cheese board and a bottle of Baileys.

Eliza Doolittle liked to keep warm like myself so let’s add in some attractive heating.

To make absolutely sure that I have warm hands, feet and face we will add in a vibrant blanket.

In fact, one of the things I would do in my adults only escape it to get back to knitting and crochet and perhaps even fulfil a lifetime ambition of making a patchwork quilt.

I would like subdued lighting and would definitely have a tiffany lamp on whilst reading or doing my crafting.

If there was any way of having my escape have loads of books on shelving around the walls, that would be perfect.

You would probably find something related to the sea or a lighthouse print on my walls along with some Impressionist art. Retro and quirky items such a typewriter and an old telephone in case I ever feel like communicating with the family back home would take pride of place.

Goodness, the more I sit in peace the more ideas I come up with so let’s have a globe drinks cabinet for good measures!

To be true to the song, I should have someone’s head resting on my knee. Can I cheat a bit and make this a fluffy cat?

One day!

Oh wouldn’t it be loverly?


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  • chickenruby

    every part of my house is an escape, a me space, sadly by the time one can afford to have our own space the kids have left home and we have all the retreat time we need, it’s a tricky balance #triumphanttales

  • Lins @ Boo & Maddie

    Ah that all sounds like such a splendid idea! I think these days taking a little time for ourselves, even if it’s only 5 minutes with a cup of tea. Just to stop and be peaceful X #PoCoLo

  • Lauren James

    My adult only escapes…

    1. A beach hut with wifi, relaxation music, a meditation corner, a massage therapist and other related things
    2. A log cabin in the woods with a roaring fire, good books, blankets, a few bottles of vegan red (how long are we allowed to stay?) and something to listen to.

    Basically anything warm. Give me warmth, peace and quiet.

  • Claire

    I know what you mean, somewhere nice and quiet to get away for sounds lovely. I love that shed in that colour 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays 🙂 Hope you can join us tomorrow.

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