My week in photographs – Project 365

Here is my week in pictures.


We experimented with selfies and this is the one that makes me look least awful. Still awful but less so than on the other attempts.


This photo is a bit of fun and celebrates some quality time together as a couple this week.


Things were a bit icy on the school runs this week. Can you see the lady in this photo? Could it be Kate on Thin Ice?


This photo represents me listening to two very good friends and a supportive husband.


This was on the back of the train seat in front of me on the way home and made me smile considering what went before.


I liked the patterns as we washed the car.


My husband spied these snowdrops in the garden. My late Mum used to love their fragile yet hardy beauty. In a week where I sense things are finally turning a little for us, finding these felt like a message of hope.

I am joining in with the 365 Project.

20 thoughts on “My week in photographs – Project 365”

  1. Lovely photos Kate, how funny that you found “you” in the ice. We’ve seen quite a few snowdrops this week too, always a welcome sight.

  2. Love the ice photo – I never think to look for pictures in ice, I will from now on. I look dreadful in selfies so don’t bother unless my children make me πŸ™‚

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