My worst bits of BritMums Live

I have a tradition of posting my worst bits of the BritMums Live weekend on my blog. All of this is honest but also some playful points and why not?

1. Trying on dresses and my daughter telling me that one I was considering was “way too short”

2. Trying on more outfits and Him Indoors saying he liked all of them – lovely but unhelpful

3. Attempting not to spill breakfast sarnie down my dress on the way.

4. Finding out my hotel room was on the 5th floor! Have you seen my twisted ankle?

5. The cups at the Montcalm – I like the look but I always get confused and end up spilling my drink.

6. The feat of two pairs of knickers engineering required to hold up my tights. Why are tights always so short?

7. Knowing someone was blanking me – I am not without intelligence.

8. Not getting to speak to enough people – I never do!

9. Missing bloggers who were not able to be there.

10. Not recognising Deliciously Ella when I do really know what she looks like and am a huge fan

11. Not having a pen with me on arrival – unprofessional of me!

12. Not greeting Katy Hill on reception so I could show off the results of her inspiring me to lose weight

13. The pain, hobbling and tubular bandage of the twisted ankle – great timing there Kate!

14. Being assaulted behind my a certain breast friend and others

15. Forgetting my bank card and leaving my money in my suitcase

16. Not talking to brands as much as I would like or should

17. Not having met my target weight for BritMums Live – really got me down in the run-up to the weekend – stupid of me but there it is.

18. Being a good girl and remaining sober throughout in case I fell over again

19. Being known a little too well by the Carry on Camping Team!

20. Too much noise over dinner when I knew great conversations were to be had with fascinating people.

21. Introducing myself as an expert in wet knickers to Carol Smillie of Diary Doll. You really need to check out her pants and you will be ready for anything.

22. Not seeing people I wanted to connect with and seeing them from afar and not being able to get to them in time.

23. Losing my present from my giveaway winner and my BritMums Live bracelet.

24. Getting the wrong end of the stick and fearing I was about to lose a special friend.

25. Forgetting to phone home!

26. Having to accept help in view of the ankle – not a great skill of mine.

27. Not always recognising people – does anyone else struggle with this and nearly always people I am massively fond of too.

28. The usual sidelong glances to try and work out who people are without showing too much interest in their bosoms.

29. A little daunted feeling as Room 3 got fuller and fuller. Felt the fear and did it anyway.

30. Surnames and making a crass comment about psoriasis in one of my sessions. Enough said!

31. Realising I still have not written that book.

32. Wishing wine had labels on them.

33. My phone playing up

34. Being referred to as a wallflower who looked awful, a loser, worthless and wrinkly! You know who you are ladies!

35. Realising I did not look QUITE as good as Caprice.

Fear not! I do have best bits of the weekend – watch this space!


My Worst Bits Of BritMums Live

Postscript On point 34, the women who said these things are big supporters so yes in jest and also highlighting how I can be self-deprecating. The comments were said with affection and taken as such and probably would be better listed on my best bits.


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30 thoughts on “My worst bits of BritMums Live”

  1. Oh point 22 is so annoying. Usually you spot the person when you’re in deep conversation yourself, and then, once you can extricate yourself, they’ve disappeared, never to be seen for the rest of the weekend. Looking forward to reading your good bits too.

  2. Great post and good to know there are bad bits too to tame my jealousy as I’ve never been! And I sincerely hope the derogatory remarks about you in point 34 were in jest? If not you have my permission to body slam them to kingdom come (I’m officially nobody and my permission counts for nothing but that’s not the point). I look forward to reading the good bits!x

      1. That is a very lovely thing to say. I sense we are two people who just took a little longer to get to know each other. Like you more every time I see you for what it is worth and LOVED your keynote

  3. Maybe posts like yours sometimes give a better insight into Britmums than uncritical ones – though many of these could also be viewed as positives, and nothing here would put me off going if I got the chance!

  4. The only time I saw you and said hi you were busy in a lounge and couldn’t speak, would have loved the chance to chat Kate. Ha ha bet Carole Smiley loved you, there were so many people I never got to speak too its a bit like a wedding isn’t it ? xx

  5. Wasn’t sure number 14 made any sense until I saw Ojo’s post! Glad you had a good time, hope you are giving yourself a break about the target weight, you looked fab and have done amazingly well! Lovely to see you, briefly x

    1. Very good to see you too and wish we had longer to chat. Yes, part one of the weight loss is in the bag and now onto the next chapter of it. Thanks for the feedback – every positive encouragement helps so much

  6. It was FAB to see you and briefly catch up. Interesting to read your bad bits, looking forward to reading your best (best, not breast!) bits soon.
    I guess added pressure for you cos you were there to facilitate, your weight loss was so evident, shame about the ankle.
    I have a coffee spill moment too!
    Haven’t forgotten I need to email you

    1. It was lovely to see you and looking so confident and stunning too. So pleased you could do the whole thing this year. Ankle is improving and back to weight loss journey after a full on June. Thanks for the email – will follow up with you soon

  7. Oh yes, numbers 22 and 27 are very familiar to me! So much going on, and it’s so embarrassing to not recognise a good online friend in the flesh….So pleased point 34 is in jest, I gasped there for a moment! Interesting way of doing the post – BML post, gives a different perspective xx

  8. I did a lot of sitting on the floor in Room 3 over the weekend and thought you did a great job of keeping things to time – was thoroughly entertained by your stop sign 😉

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